A Two Hour Quest (Sing It)


I just finished the questline to get the new Cloak, which keeps you from going bonkers.   How handy is that?  I started the quests last week and have been slowly doing bits.  So the two hours to get the Cloak, who knows what it would be in real time.  I may change my mind but at this time, without even entering an actual Horrific Vision, I’m saying I will not send another character through these.    Here’s the Cloak, (JMJ), it looks like the Pandaria insect guy cloaks which are awful.   Could it have been cool looking at least?    You can hardy see it, even.


4 thoughts on “A Two Hour Quest (Sing It)

  1. The rank six version looks better. There’s another appearance, too, but that may be the rank 15 version which we won’t see for eight more weeks (since the cloak ranks are time gated).

    I may run more – one of each of the other armor types – through just for the transmog, but the slog of the whole thing is off-putting to me. I kind of wish they had spread this one out during the prior patch. :/

    • I wondered if it had more elaborate versions, thanks! I was prepared (sort of) to see Stormwind go dark, but I hoped it was only if you entered a Horrific Vision. Maybe it is? I never expected the entire questline to be so corrupting. I don’t use the phrase soul sucking, but I might! My brave little Atherne will go as far as she can, but this isn’t fun, repeatable content for me. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

      • Only the Vale and Uldum have appearance changes, though you can use Zidormi to go back in time if you need to see the prior version.

        If you want to use the corrupted gear then increasing the ranks of the cloak is useful. Pallais’s cloak currently has +20 corruption resistance and the only piece of gear she has is +15 corruption so I don’t see any of the visual effects. At least there is some way of using the gear without needing to purify it. I do agree that I wish there was a way to turn off the visuals. I don’t mind the idea of the corruption effect, but I find the visuals obnoxious.

        I agree the Horrific Visions aren’t fun content. At least, for me, not fun in the way (some) of the Mage Tower challenges were. I’ll do more of them just to get the achievements and/or cosmetic stuff from there. I definitely want to get all the stuff Wrathion has for sale as collecting things is one of my mini-games in Wow.

      • I’ve cleansed the one piece of gear I had that was corrupted. Working through Uldum one day I managed to get so corrupted Ath was all purple, but it was on a timer, so it was ok. I’m surprised to find the last quest in the series is a raid. I will have to wait for the LFR in February, it seems. I’ll do it to finish the quest line.
        On the plus side, leveling other characters through comparatively happy places feels good. Also, returning to the charming innocence of Classic takes the edge of the Horror as well. La la, Hogger.

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