GameNotes January 28, 2020

Ath has spent her time doing daily quests in Uldum and the Vale.    I toss in rep for the Tortollans and the Waveblades when they’re up.

My Demon Hunter, now at level 118, is the next character leveling to 120.  I forget what a tough character she is.

Back to Classic, happily bouncing between characters, rather than doing what I “should do” and leveling one or two.   My Warlock is level 30 and needs a bunch of training, then back out to the Charred Vale for an everlastingly long wait for basilisk crystal scales to drop.  I need three more.  Should take a few days, given their low spawn and drop rate.

I got nothin’ this week but a few screenshots.


You can see why N’Zoth likes this guy.


I went in a Horrific Vision and all I got was this Eyeball Tunic.


My Demon Hunter pretending she’s home.


I finally finished up Stranglethorn Vale’s quests and there was the BEST pirate battle ever!


My Engineer enjoys her new ride without having to set foot into Mechagon.  Happy Gnome!



This looks just like Rose and Jack on the Titanic, right?



2 thoughts on “GameNotes January 28, 2020

    • Thanks! I really enjoy the screenshot posts, but somehow don’t get enough to work with. I kind of get involved with what I’m doing, or I have trouble getting combat shots because I don’t want to die. You know how that is.

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