You Can’t Make Me Blue

There I was this morning, working on Emissary Quests.   A simple Azerite Mining quest.  I’m thinking I am happy to be so powerful feeling at item level 435.  My character Atherne is completely blue with corruption, but I ignore it.  Because I can.

But no, the curses you are dealt from wearing corrupted gear pile up on each other.  A new one called Thing From Beyond entered a fight in the azerite cave and my health just went boom boom boom.  Could not heal or recover from it and I died!  Doing a simple quest!

The curses have been annoying me anyway, but I thought I could ignore them.

I have not been doing the quests in Uldum and the Vale.  Mostly because they’re so time consuming.  It seems to me as I’m working on them that mobs are scarce that I need for quests and the drop rate for quest items is really sparse.   I haven’t been working on Horrific Visions either, because I don’t care for them.  So.

I take off the four items that my inventory says are corrupted, and the blue effect goes away immediately.   My item level drops to 322.  To my chagrin, I’m still cursed because I’m “holding” a corrupted item.  So I put the four corrupted pieces in the bank and I’m still cursed.

It turns out my other pieces of gear, gotten from other questlines have become corrupted.  Wow.   I take them off.

Still cursed.

I comb through my inventory for every single thing that has a purple square around it –even a recipe was cursed!   I stick it in the bank.   While I’m trying to identify these items, standing at the bank in Boralus!!!!! I DIE from a curse.  You are so joking.

Everything off and out of inventory, finally, and the curses go away.

My item level is 55, but by god, I’m not dead.

That’s the ball game on this stuff.

Luckily, all my crafters are at 120, and there are 225 Leather pieces in the guild bank.  On my way back!  I have to get a Cloth Cloak from my Tailor, see me go.   My Jeweler had already placed rings in the bank.   Just need trinkets!

I’m going to be doing world quests and finishing questlines I haven’t completed to gear back up to a reasonable level.   I did one right away for a 420 ring. Yay now back up to 242 item level. Go go go!

It has to be that because I wasn’t working on my Cloak upgrade that all this corruption got me.  I was unable to Cleanse any piece of the Corrupted gear.   Clearly, once you go down this path, you’re like a rat on a wheel trying to keep ahead of the Corruption.  You have to play the game a certain way, or you’re dead meat.

One of the reasons I can play Wow when others get discouraged, is, because I can always play it my own way.  There are many playstyles supported, which makes the game always fun.

Now we see if I can continue to just play my way.

Clearly, if the new expansion requires this treadmill of activity, or else your character is ruined, then I’ll play other characters, or Classic, and I will, for the first time ever, since I’ve regularly played, just sit out an expansion.

You probably can’t tell, but I’m just livid.  I will cool down.   My eye is twitching.

I’m going to leave the Corrupted things in the bank for a bit and see if they ease up on all the Corruption.  If they don’t, I strip Ath to her skivvies so none of her new things can get corrupted, and I’m running that (stuff) through the Scrapper.

Thanks for listening!

Note: Luckily back in game it came to me I should just buy a new set of Benthic Gear, so now we’re back to 322.  Will see what I can upgrade, plus look for a Weapon and new Trinkets on Rep vendors if they’re available.