GameNotes March 24, 2020

How am I doing, you ask?


That’ll do for the personal stuff.

On a very happy note, World of Warcraft, for the first time in my memory, is giving 100% xp till April 20.   I hit the dungeons with a level 43 Warlock Friday night, and a couple of hours later she was level 51.  Boom boom boom.   So happy making!  Thanks Blizzard!

On Saturday, I moved my Hunter through Draenor and now she’s working in Highmountain.  Dungeon times were so quick Friday evening and Saturday in the day.  Then on Sunday, longer times.  I even sent my Level 116 Priest into Waycrest Manor.  It was going really well, until somehow in the basement she was separated from the group, died a couple of times, and I was so embarrassed.  I left the group but it wouldn’t let go and eep, I think she’s still in there.  I’ll try to dig her out tomorrow.

I’m loving the extra xp.  It’s like the heady old days of leveling fast with a mix of quests and dungeons.  Only better.

I like to use Feedly these days to get my gaming new.  Everytime we have Internet issues, and reset the Wireless stuff, it doesn’t recognize my device and locks me out of my gmail for a couple of weeks, then suddenly it knows my device again.  Good thing I have all those blogs on my sidebar.

Stay safe! It’s a good time to be a gamer, in worlds far, far away.

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