Flat Atherne

There’s a ton of information out this week on Shadowlands, way to much to absorb at once.  In my own analytical way, I thought I should pare down what I think in small bits.   The part I am of course focused on, and am not happy with, is the Level Squish.  So  I was thinking of good post titles with the word Squish in  it, without having any analysis ready–lets face it , a zippy post title always comes first.

I remembered Flat Stanley, a book I actually haven’t read.  Yeah, there we go, our characters are all getting flattened.  There was a Flat Stanley Project, wherein kids could download their own Stanley’s and color them, then send them in the mail to some other kid.



So, looking at my Atherne character, I have created her as a Flat Stella (the girl version).  So like the original!   I free-handed that hammer, I’ll have you know.


With this ready to go, I can now study the Squish and report back.   I’ll be writing once a week or more, who knows, but am not doing the Tuesday GameNotes going forward.   Thanks for stopping by!


Played quite a bit of World of Warcraft this weekend.  My Hunter is 112 and I’m enjoying her, so she may make it all the way to 120.  She’s so cute.  I usually transmog the otfit of my characters to match the guild tabard.  Blackwater Raiders gets red outfits in general.



I found that a sort of pink shaded chestpiece looked good with the tabard, so I’ve gone so far as to save a Pinkie outfit.  Even the bear, Slumber from Highmountain, matches 🙂


I see the Shadowlands alpha is incoming, and I have yet to read through the information today from Wowhead, but I’m interested in the shape the next expansion will take, so I’ll try to absorb it soonish.  Then I’ll be back with my usual scintillating and concise analysis.  Right.