Flat Atherne

There’s a ton of information out this week on Shadowlands, way to much to absorb at once.  In my own analytical way, I thought I should pare down what I think in small bits.   The part I am of course focused on, and am not happy with, is the Level Squish.  So  I was thinking of good post titles with the word Squish in  it, without having any analysis ready–lets face it , a zippy post title always comes first.

I remembered Flat Stanley, a book I actually haven’t read.  Yeah, there we go, our characters are all getting flattened.  There was a Flat Stanley Project, wherein kids could download their own Stanley’s and color them, then send them in the mail to some other kid.



So, looking at my Atherne character, I have created her as a Flat Stella (the girl version).  So like the original!   I free-handed that hammer, I’ll have you know.


With this ready to go, I can now study the Squish and report back.   I’ll be writing once a week or more, who knows, but am not doing the Tuesday GameNotes going forward.   Thanks for stopping by!

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