July’s Goals

Lord of the Rings Online

I hoped to spend some time playing my Hunter, but game outages made me set this goal aside.


World of Warcraft

I hoped to get my Warrior, DK, Monk and Shaman to 120.   The Warrior and DK are at 120, and the Shaman at 115.   The Monk remains at 101 but I did take her for a spin (literally) in Aszuna.  She seemed to have power, I’ll just need to arrange the toolbar in a feasible rotation.


Elder Scrolls Online

I hoped to get all the daily log in rewards.  Nope not by a long shot.

The Greymoor pre-questline is still not completed and I haven’t purchased Greymoor.


Steam Sale

I meant to try out more of the games but haven’t.  August will be the time for that, right?   I purchased more games, which I won’t list because my spouse commented on the list I did post “That’s a lot of games.”   I tried to say many were less than ten dollars, but, well.  I got a few more.


Creaks is a new platformer game from Amanita Design.   They call it a puzzle adventure.     https://amanita-design.net/games/creaks.html

I find the Edward Gorey like art appealing.   The character, though silent, is hapless, yet determined, so far.  I’m sure I’m still in the tutorial.  This is the first game I’ve bought not as part of a sale or an expansion upgrade in quite a long time.


Controls are the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to select/interact.   Having watched the trailer and the moves the character makes along the way, this surprised me.



Though you see small sections on your screen at a time, a scene where the character climbs down and down a ladder provides potential for a large area, perhaps.



I stopped when I saw his first potential enemy.  The look on his face.  Maybe it’s a good dog.


Two For The Show

My Warrior gained 120 and next up is my Enhancement Shaman.

Starting at level 71 earlier in the week, she’s at 84 today.  I left her behind for a long while, but she has been very easy to play.  I feel guilty for having left her behind.  Somehow in my Shadowlands strategy I want to keep all the BWR characters at the same level.

I can’t guarantee my Monk will crawl forward to 120 though.  Maybe she’s not so bad once I concentrate on learning how to play her class.   First the Shaman.

I’m pretty sure I chose to try Enhancement Shaman because I thought her totems would enhance not just her, but her fellow dungeoneers.  Nope.  Very disappointing.

Her Healing Surge is one limp heal.  Even so, sometimes it’s a teensy moment’s escape from death.

She’s doing super well in dungeons except when things occasionally go awry.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, I find myself transmogging everyone’s outfits as soon as they have a few coins.  The Shaman looked good in blue, with her ghostly pale coloring.


You’ll recall I ran a Hunter on another server to 120.  Every other character there is very low level. So no armor, potions, bags, any support of any kind from the other characters there.  Agh.  On Blackwater Raiders, every crafter is max level and can make her useful things!  It is pretty great.  Including my Inscriptionist who had the glyph for this cool Spirit Form:


I will note briefly it is depressing to look at Inscription these days.  It is so gutted of anything fun or useful.  Give me those scrolls and glyphs back! (Shakes fist)


Shadowlands in beta.  Hurry hurry to get these two last classes to max!  Don’t squish them yet!

I did not opt in for alpha, nor do do I plan to opt in for beta.  I usually crack to get a peek, but yech, this one is going to be a rough sell.  A few bloggers are getting access now so they can do the suffering and cautioning or recommending.  Popcorn is at the ready.

Even without opting in I keep checking my launcher just in case.  What. A. Fish.



The Last Three Classes

My last three World of Warcraft Blackwater Raiders characters to head to 120 are:

Warrior Level 112


Windwalker Monk Level 101

Enhancement Shaman Level 71

Even with all the the back to back Timewalking Dungeons experience, and the 100% extra, the Monk and Shaman are going to be really tough.  Clearly they’re the least played.  I don’t know why my Warrior has stayed low–she was 101 when I started the power leveling for her the other day.

So the last played are the ones I’m worst at.  Gotta do dungeons to power level but eep.   Cataclysm is next up for Timewalking.   I find the Monk to be like a ping pong ball.  It won’t be pretty!


July 2020 Gaming Goals

I like reading gaming goals so I should write some.  I used to dislike doing them because at month’s end there’s a Cone Of Shame situation considering all that didn’t get done.  Now, I say, so what?  It’s better than nothing which is what I have been doing.

Lord of the Rings Online

I’m back somewhat playing my Hunter in Mirkwood.  I had a few moments where I thought I’d finished the area and could go somewhere less dark and dank. No.  I think I crawled from the Mirk Eves to the actual Mirkwood.  It was so dark I had to go into my settings to lighten it up so I could see.  It is awfully pixelated too.   Still, as long as I can ignore my Legendary Weapon whining for an update, I’m enjoying the game.  Gotta love those 20,000 goblin camps, right?  My goal is to move her along, someday leaving Mirkwood.


World of Warcraft

I’m power leveling characters left and right this week thanks to the xp boost and back to back Timewalking in the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons.   A hunter on one of my side servers lead the charge to 120, and it’s been a blast just dungeoning away.  I even got my BWR Priest to 120!  She only needed two dungeons worth of xp to get 120.  Luck of the dice, she got Utgarde Pinnacle and the Pit of Sauron.

Goal wise I’d like to try to get my Warrior, DK, Monk and Shaman on BWR to 120, a Paladin on Proudmoore and another Hunter on Earthen Ring to 120 then I’ll be pretty happy.


Elder Scrolls Online

I’ve been just logging in for the dailies for awhile, and not even accomplishing that.  April and May were lost months for me across the board.  Getting them this time!

My Nord Warden has begun the Greymoor quest chain, though I haven’t purchased the expansion yet, very unlike me not to have done so.  I’d like to finish the initial quest then, purchase Greymoor and off we go.


Steam Sale

Tidy up my Steam Sale list and try out all the games.  Last sale I was being good and just looked at a few I meant to play.  How did that work out?   Nah! Just get in there and take a look.  So far I have purchased:

Bioshock Remastered

Bioshock 2 Remastered

Gabriel Knight 2 The Beast Within

Mass Effect Andromeda

Metro Exodus

Outer Wilds

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition


Lamplight City


Night in the Woods

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Goal: Play a bit of each and write something about them.  It’s all post fodder, folks.


Happy July!