July’s Goals

Lord of the Rings Online

I hoped to spend some time playing my Hunter, but game outages made me set this goal aside.


World of Warcraft

I hoped to get my Warrior, DK, Monk and Shaman to 120.   The Warrior and DK are at 120, and the Shaman at 115.   The Monk remains at 101 but I did take her for a spin (literally) in Aszuna.  She seemed to have power, I’ll just need to arrange the toolbar in a feasible rotation.


Elder Scrolls Online

I hoped to get all the daily log in rewards.  Nope not by a long shot.

The Greymoor pre-questline is still not completed and I haven’t purchased Greymoor.


Steam Sale

I meant to try out more of the games but haven’t.  August will be the time for that, right?   I purchased more games, which I won’t list because my spouse commented on the list I did post “That’s a lot of games.”   I tried to say many were less than ten dollars, but, well.  I got a few more.

2 thoughts on “July’s Goals

  1. I may have to resign myself to not playing my Steam backlog until I get a week’s vacation. Or retirement, whichever comes first. Okay, I’m joking about that one. Still, with everybody still at home due to the virus, and everybody in everyone’s grill because our house isn’t big enough to not have quiet space unless it’s early in the morning or late at night, it’s kind of hard to simply pick up a game, start playing, and not have 1-2 people magically appear by you within 1/2 hour asking to know what you’re doing. (And if you think that goes away when kids grow up, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t.)

    • I did play a bit more of Creaks. The dog is a very bad dog. I’d like to at least peek at some of the games I purchased. It will be on the August goals.
      Our small house is nicely winding so everyone can have alone time, sometimes. I do like the quiet of late night and have gone back to playing late in the evening for fewer distractions. Take heart, the pandemic won’t last forever, OR, if it does, we will adapt.

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