They’ve Opened The Floodgates!


This is what happens when you keep checking your launcher.   Can’t play till later, but I have questions, and am very excited, as always, to see what’s next.


Here are my questions:

Well, how horrible is The Squish?  Why isn’t anyone whining about this?

Is this expansion depressing?

What are my initial impressions?

Will I wish I’d spent more time gearing everyone up?

Will I wish I’d kept working on Horrific Visions and Corruption?

Or can I just start wherever I am and work my way to better gear within the expansion itself?

I plan to send four characters to do four different Covenants.  What are they like?  Do they add anything interesting to the game?   Is there some strategy to picking a particular Covenant for a particular class?

Are they killing off any NPC characters I care about?

The leveling experience.

Just how accelerated is this?

Can you still play through the quest lines of previous expansions if you want to, or are they so altered they may as well have been removed?


6 thoughts on “They’ve Opened The Floodgates!

  1. I just got the Beta last night, so I have many of the same questions.

    I will say that doing the Horrific Visions for corruptions isn’t worth it as corruptions are all gone in the Beta. (If you want the title from doing 5 masks solo, then you do need to get it done before the pre-patch.)

    People have reported that the leveling experience of 1 – 50, at least, can be very fast. Some have managed it in under 5 hours. That will change as many of the XP boost potions won’t work and heirlooms won’t have an XP bonus in Shadowlands. I think Blizzard said the overall level will be speed up to something like 60% – 70% faster than it is now for most folks, but I could be misremembering that.

    As far as Covenants go, unless you normally min-max your choices for things like Raiding, PvP, or Mythic+, just pick the Covenant that fits the character. Everything will work well enough. Plus, if you find you want to change, it will be easy to change. Harder to go back, if you decide you want your old Covenant, but possible.

    • Excellent you’re in as well. See you on the other side, brother!
      Nothing but good news to me to hear corruption is gone.
      So, do you think that the amount of xp you get speeds the leveling process, as the currently active 100% xp does or have they streamlined the areas, removing quest and storylines.
      Also, how does crafting work…they just divided it up by expansion area, only to rework it into one ?

      I won’t be doing PvP or Mythic so I guess I’ll just play it by ear when it comes to Covenants.
      If any of the four Covenants are awful or unpleasant I’ll know what to avoid for the next characters.

      • It feels more like they boosted the xp and/or squished the amount you need between levels. I did the brief starter zone and hit level 51 by the end of it. I haven’t tried the new starter area yet.

        Professions are still divided by expansion. You can find trainers after the starter zone in Shadowlands.

        The nice thing about Covenants is that once you have reached 60 and done all of the story lines, all of your alts can just pick a Covenant immediately after the starter area. No need to redo the same path over and over. Supposedly you don’t need to redo the story lines, either.

    • I spent a little time with a pre-made character and am at the Maw but need to sort out my toolbar before heading in. Somehow I got caught up for quite awhile in character creation with all the new options available. Perhaps because I’ve been running the same content over and over trying to level up lately, it made me very happy to be playing through a new story. Even in a place called the Maw.

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