Happy 2021!

I hadn’t played anything for awhile, but since the day after Christmas, I’ve been back in World of Warcraft.

First I went through and sent most characters to the Barbershop.

Then, I began a character konga line of my Blackwater Raiders characters (all 50s) to go through the Maw and hold in place in either Oribos or Bastion. I have three other 50s on other servers who I’ve moved forward like little chess pieces as well.

On Proudmoore, where more of my family members play, I’ve been working on leveling the characters, and making sure I have all the Tradeskills covered, and that those are leveled as well.

I finally got my Kul Tiran, and I made a Hunter.

I liked her so much I created two more Kul Tirans on Proudmoore, and one on Earthen Ring. The Earthen Ring one is also a Hunter. For her, I set the goal of getting all of the rare pets in each area of the world. She’s new so she just has the Elywnn Forest set, excluding a Mechanical Sheep. I’ve learned only gnomes and goblins can tame the Mechanicals unless you have a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix, made by Engineers. There was one for sale on the Auction House for 19,000 gold! A Bargain! As a little played set of characters, nobody has that kind of money, nor would I buy it if I did. Instead, I’ve sent my Earthen Ring Engineer character to the Legion time era, and she can work her way to getting that recipe.

See how invigorating a new character can be. You just want to dress them up, give them potions and armor, start them off right!

I find I’m sending most of my characters to Draenor, my personal favorite expansion. If they’re already in Legion’s time frame I’ll let them stay there.

I sent one character to the Burning Crusade solely to get enough Netherweave Cloth for my Tailor to make a bazillion Netherweave bags. I know other family members have characters who could make them but for some reason none ever want to share their goods in the guild bank. I thought if I just provided materials on that server people would blossom, but, not so much. I love them though and the bank shall be loaded up. I’m on the job.

Lots of characters, tons to do.

I also did some rearranging of my Steam Library. I put any older lower graphical games on my laptop’s library, and left the bigger things on my PC. I decided to re-start Mass Effect 1.

Very important, my Shepard character came out looking less scary this time. I forgot you can’t get screenshots the usual way in Steam by hitting F12. So annoying. We shall die trying, in the service of a more interesting post (it does work to hit Print Screen then paste into Paint, but death awaits the pasty.)

My plan is to play through the Mass Effect games in sequence. I looked up which class to pick carrying through all the games. I used to play shooters all the time, but haven’t the confidence anymore. Too much flailing and screaming on my end of things. So I went with the plebeian Soldier, largely on the thought that they can use most weapons they pick up. A Screaming Weasel likes to stay armed.

I’ve no posting schedule in mind for the New Year. I might slink something out after a play session, or go for the eight posts a month goal which gives that nice round one hundred posts for the year.

Play well, stay alive.

Atheren Lightrunner

3 thoughts on “Happy 2021!

  1. Hey, you’re still here!! Awesome!!

    And welcome back!!

    I’ve been hearing good things from friends who play Retail that Shadowlands seems to be one of the better expacs, kind of keeping the old Star Trek movie routine of alternating good and bad movies, but in this case WoW expacs.

    That pic of Bolvar kind of highlights one thing that I didn’t realize annoyed me so much until I returned to Classic from time spent in LOTRO, SWTOR, ESO, and other locales: Blizz does the “the more important you are to a faction, the bigger you are in-game” for NPCs. I can understand raid bosses needing that in order for people to find them in a raid of 25 – 40 people, but faction leaders? In the words of Yoda, “drives me nuts, it does,” as WoW is the only MMO I’ve played that does this. (Maybe EQ does, I don’t know.)

    • Hi there, Redbeard! Yup still around, playing again, ready to write about my adventures. I’m happy to hear people are enjoying Shadowlands. I haven’t even been reading anything game related for awhile. I suspect it helps that they made so many other “quality of life” changes to the game as well. The game’s strength, in my opinion, has always been there’s something for everyone, and that the game supports a vast array of play styles.
      The Larger Than Life “heroes” isn’t something I notice much. It does drive me crazy being in the company of the most powerful characters in the game, and they make my character do all the work. They’re mostly useless in any fight. It makes no sense.
      Anduin in the picture is with my Dwarven Rogue, so that explains the sizing there. I gave all my Worgens white fur ( I love it so much!) so I’m not sure which character is with Bolvar. I wonder how Talias is going to like Dear Old Dad. Not much family resemblance. Who’s the mom, we ask? I suppose a true fan would know.

      • It does drive me crazy being in the company of the most powerful characters in the game, and they make my character do all the work. They’re mostly useless in any fight. It makes no sense.

        Yeah, go figure, right?

        I’m surprised that Blizz hasn’t considered the possibility that they do an Optimus Prime (from that original Transformers cartoon movie back in the 80s) with Shadowlands and simply replace the faction leadership. I could quite easily hear the people downstream in the faction leadership say the following:

        “Oh, all our leaders are gone into the afterlife. Maybe we should go rescue them.”

        [Looks left and then right]

        “Hmm… Oh darn. They’re all dead. Time to move on….”

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