Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Here we go! I’ve just begun the first Mass Effect game from scratch, and if this released in March, I should be able to see how I like the “soldier” build, and I’ll either start anew with that for this update, or choose one of the others. I had originally thought this remaster was just the first Mass Effect, but it’s the first three. Wow. Here’s my wallet, guys!

4 thoughts on “Mass Effect Legendary Edition

  1. Okay, I would have ordinarily not considered it before, but do you think that this remaster is a “normal” remaster, or is it going to be a Final Fantasy VII remaster? On the face of it, the announcement sure sounds like the former, but after the switcheroo that Square Enix pulled I have to consider that possibility.

    • Reading their page, it’s a graphical upgrade rather than a change in any of the actual content. I’m playing Mass Effect One right now, and it’s fine, but if it were all nice and sharp it would be better!

  2. I am very much looking forward to this remaster. I love the games (and have made peace with my dislike of 3’s ending). It will be fun to see everything with all the modern bells and whistles, while still having the originals if I want to dip back into those.

    • I started the series with Mass Effect 2 and made it all the way through the game, but hated that through some random decision I made as I played one of my companions was summarily killed off at the end and thus would not be available to me in the next game.
      I’ve played quite a ways in to Mass Effect 1 which I’ve started again now, so I don’t know how that plays out. I only played a bit at the beginning of Mass Effect 3, I can’t recall why. It looks like we’re going to wipe the slate clean and try to get all my peeps through the entire series, if it can be done. Save early and often.

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