LOTRO: Newer Brighter Sharper?

I decided on a whim to log into Lord of the Rings online yesterday. Wow, right off they wanted to install 6 gb of High Definition Files. Yo, you bet. That game is so fuzzy. Then, it wanted Direct X 11, np.

So I log in and…

Well, maybe it’s sharper?

Ok the harder I squint at it, the sharper it gets.

I want to play LOTRO. The problem is, I don’t know the game anymore. The usual solution to this is to just run a lower level character so you re-familiarize yourself with the world, the interface and how the game plays.

However, I really want my main character, who I’ve played since beta, dang it, to get to maximum level. I want to play that character, I just do. In order to do that, I need to:

Fix my re-set Legendaries

Choose a specialization (I’m going to read Myndariel’s Middle Earth guide for that one)

Clear my inventory, good god.

Re-learn my skills. Develop a rotation.

Look up my Trade skills and where I should be with those.

Figure out how to use the in game maps to find where to go for my quests. I know they’re intentionally vague so as not to spoon feed anyone, I remember the arguments. Still, it could be a bit more helpful.

I thought I’d never get out of Lothlorian, and now my character is mired in Mirkwood. What a dark, dank place. I wonder if there’s an alternative path through the world I could be following to level past the nasty place. Level my way to the next area where the sun hopefully shines.

Another bone to pick, why have they never made it so you can switch servers without logging all the way out? Grrr.

Last thing, they could do away with the -1 after my formerly Meneldor character names. I cringe every time I see it. Couldn’t they have just displayed Blah Blah of Meneldor instead? So there’s Blah Blah of Meneldor, and Blah Blah of Landroval. Clearly not the same character, but nobody is minus anything.

You’re right, I run a lower level character for awhile. La la la, here I come, Middle Earth.