The Steam Sale: Bad Influences

I usually have a nice list of possible games to purchase in the Steam sales but not this time. I searched the Mystery, Action/Adventure and RPG categories as I do, but nothing appealed enough to purchase. Going into the last day before the sale ended, my only purchase was Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Bad Influences=my gaming son. I thought you were interested in Horizon Zero Dawn? You’d like that. Added to pile, check.

You should try Final Fantasy Online! It’s a classic fantasy. There are dragons, quests, really good dungeons and a dungeon finder! Also…fishing! Housing! All the expansions for one low price! A Main Story that levels you up fast. This kid can make things sound so good. Happiness making! Added to pile, check.

One small game that did keep popping up while I was looking around was Little Nightmares II. I bought Little Nightmares 1 for a much smaller price to see if I liked the game play. Added to pile, check.

Of these, I’ve only looked briefly at Final Fantasy, very briefly. It was super hard to create a character, as most servers, including the one my son was on were not accepting new characters.

I will give that it’s own post.

2 thoughts on “The Steam Sale: Bad Influences

  1. I didn’t pull the trigger on the ME Legendary Edition just yet, but I did pick up Horizon: Zero Dawn and FF XIV. The latter had been on my wish list for a long time, so it predates the current WoW exodus. (But try telling that to people now and they’d likely roll their eyes at me.)

    • What good taste you have! I have to say, I have read other bloggers writing about Final Fantasy for a long time. The only thing anyone ever said about it that I found intriguing was that the dungeons were great. Not a single other thing appealed. But my kid knows me and could hit on things he knows I would enjoy. He is not often so enthusiastic about a game either. I am remembering now that he has played many incarnations of Final Fantasy over time, so he was likely to pull the trigger once the pricing was right to check it out. I’ve only managed character creation and the cart ride to beginning cities with two characters. Not much to go on, but by next week I’ll try to advance to a point where I have first impressions, if I can tear myself away from the shorelines near Auberdine, catching fish in TBC.
      All I can say so far is, the music is a bit annoying, but I like the RPG aspects of the game, and if it plays out as a traditional RPG, I may like it.

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