Just Checking In

Grrr, I’m still locked out of my Blogger blog Atheren’s Azeroth. Not that I was writing much anyway, but it’s the being blocked thing that has finally cracked me.

Azeroth: I’m still loving the Burning Crusade Classic game and play most days. My husband plays even more than I do. What a fiend he is for materials gathering and tossing himself up against murderous enemies. In order to get money and materials.

I am currently playing my Hunter and Warlock back and forth trying to finally get us a guild bank. Since my sister doesn’t read this (hi sis!) I can say I thought that she and her husband, who are ace at using the auction house, could work with the rest of us to get a guild bank pretty easily. Then I can just pop potions, weapons and armor in the bank instead of spending all that silver mailing stuff around.

The warlock is level 45 and the Hunter closing in at level 37. I’ve been saving for about a week, just by questing, and have 50 gold. I think, I’m pretty sure, I can have the rest by month’s end. Then we’re all on easy street.

I’ve peeked into Shadowlands once or twice, and my Atherne character finally made it to Ardenweald. I just can’t stand the place. And every time I think that every single class is recommended to go there, agh. No. No.

Then I played briefly a level 3 Mage on a server far far away. She’s now level nine because I played her a little. I liked her combat animations. She’s in Westfall, however, and it is so different from the Westfall I’ve been spending lots of hours in, fighting the Defias. The tornadoes. The cracked earth. Cataclysm was release 11 years ago, and the landscape hasn’t been repaired? There are homeless refugees from Stormwind all around Sentinel Hill, all those people still hungry. Nothing ever done for them. It’s a depressing place. Perhaps one of the reasons you get shuttled now through these early levels so fast is so they never have to fix anything. Bleh.

TBC is my happy place.

Did you know you can ride into the Swamp of Sorrows via Darkshire? It’s completely overrun with Horde, no Alliance spots at all, which I hate, because it’s a favorite spot in the game. Still.

Even more mind boggling, you can get to the Badlands via Dun Morogh. It’s right there! You ride past Uldaman on the way in! Yikes! And Feralas is just gorgeous. Thousand Needles is disappointing. Even though it’s not underwater in this era, again, blah blah, it’s all Horde. No Alliance base or quests.

I have peeked into LOTRO now and then when Wow was down. It is apparently my next game of choice. The graphics are so fuzzy, though, it’s kind of unpleasant. I did find a guide to graphics settings for it that are supposed to make it look better. Haven’t gotten around to that quite yet.

I’ve no interest in New World at all. It never sounded interesting, as I can’t stand the historical period it semi-resides in. Of course Bhagpuss makes everything sound good, so I like reading what he has to say. That’s as far as that goes.

I’ve completely left ESO behind, which is so odd to me since they are doing the Oblivion game period, my favorite of the Elder Scrolls games. However, it plays to a major flaw in the game itself, having the Imperial City be a PVP zone only. Do you know how much time I’ve spent in the Oblivion game in that city, with it’s merchants, and I can never go there in ESO.