IntPiPoMo 2021

It’s that time of year, for you to show off those screenshots you’ve taken. For the month of November, you’re trying for 50 screenshots or other pictures, drawings, creations. No certain number of posts, no pressure to post every day. Visit Gamer Girl Confessions to get the full details and to sign up.

I am taking the opportunity this year as I often do, to dig around in my Steam Library and try out some of the games I’ve bought, or to revisit some that I paused in my progress in (yup, got stuck). I’m just going alphabetically down the list of what I have installed. Then I’ll see what I can install that’s new. I’m always low on disc space, somehow, so it will also be an opportunity to clean house and uninstall a few things.

Starting off with the exciting, dark, spooky, far too scary for me to play for more than 12 minutes (thanks for timing it, Steam) Alan Wake. There’s a remastered version out now, but if I can only play for a few minutes at a time, I think my current version will do.

Back to the lumber yard, where I left off. My goal is to reach “the path above”. I spent time in this area last round jumping up on and climbing up on various piles of lumber, trying to see where I could go next. I got nowhere.

This time around I found a ladder going up to what looked like the PATH!

And Pfft! You do go up a bit and there’s a creepy cabin which I tried to walk around and avoid going in. Because, yo creepy guys in there for sure. In was however the only place to go.

Inside, just a broken stove, and one interactive box with batteries. The cabin seems to just be on a landing by itself. I thought maybe I could jump up on some boxes and make my way to the roof and jump up to the path. No. I could jump on one box but not get to the next one. I tried jumping on rocks outside the cabin to get higher. Nope.

It appears I came up here solely to get those batteries and I have to go back to the lumberyard (where the Axe Man could leap out at any moment) to look for another way. I just left Alan by the creepy cabin for now.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Here’s an interesting game. Your friend Joey Drew, who was also your former boss, invites you to stop by his studio as he wants to show you something.

The studio is completely a cartoon, and we can surmise Henry is one too, though you don’t see him.

Nobody seems to be around, certainly not Joey. Is that ink pouring in from the ceiling? Something seems to have gone awry.

Do the ink production notes add up?

I found Bendy and the Ink Machine to be slightly scary. I’m supposed to be finding clues about Joey, but only three objects were interactable. I’ll have to go back through and check every inch of the place.

On a lighter note, Crash Bandicoot n sane Trilogy

What a happy cheerful little fox-thing he is. Here my habit of hitting Print Scrn instead of F12 kept me from getting actual gameplay shots. I find it odd, but I had a much easier time on my son’s PS1 playing this. Even so, it is fun, and I was doing well, getting the moves down. Somehow, though, once I fell in a pit, I couldn’t stop falling in pits. Hmmm.

Dragon Age Origins. This is just not the game I remember, but I liked it. It looks to me as if I actually started the series with Dragon Age 2. In any case, I chose a Dwarven Warrior. If I’m playing a game of this type that I’m not familiar with, I always choose a Warrior as my class. Dwarves sounded toughest.

The game at first asked for a code then an EA login, but I was able to close those out and keep going.

Here’s my final character, awfully pretty for a Dwarf!

I made some careful dialog choices. Beraht is your crime lord/boss who sneers about selling your sister’s favors. So, no option to kill him on the spot?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he sends you to see if one of his minions has been holding out on him and cheating him in trades with the surface dwellers. Again I chose the most reasonable options, but the guy was a slimer and was cheating, and he tried to bribe my character and my rogue pal. Really the only way to come out of the situation with honor intact was to kill the guy. I would have preferred being able to find a way out of the situation without bribery or his death. However, my sister would be endangered so, no.

Here’s the dazzling city of Orzammar.

I’ve taken the next quest from him. The Grey Wardens are holding combat contests to recruit for their numbers fighting the Darkspawn. Boink! As soon as I saw that it’s yo, off we go to prove ourselves and gtfo the Dwarven slums. I hope her mother and sister can come away with her.

However, there’s the task of drugging one of the competitors, so Beraht can win a bet on his chosen favorite in the contests. I sure don’t want to do that. I hope there’s a choice of dialog that allows my dwarf to compete without any drugging/maiming/killing.

There we are, fifteen screenshots.

What do you think?

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