Tales of Detection IntPiPoMo Week Two

I thought I’d look at three of my detective/mystery games from my Steam Library for this week’s IntPiPoMo. I chose games I haven’t played yet at all. I did some real house cleaning of my installed Steam Games, including uninstalling ESO, to my surprise, which I apparently don’t plan to play again for awhile. So poof!

The Darkside Detective

The DarkSide Detective is a game I followed while they were in development. It turns out to be a slightly humorous take on Hard Boiled Detectives.

There are two case files to choose from. Very old school graphics.

I like to start at the beginning, so I chose Malice in Wonderland.

At the scene, Officer Dooley pretends to be shocked by the sudden appearance of Detective McQueen. He’s just goofing around.

There’s been a disappearance. The father of the child is a weird, hard man who isn’t interested at all in what may have happened to his child. The mother is in the daughter’s room in hysterics, the Nanny is inexplicably hanging out in the parents bedroom.

I made my way as far as a closet with a Darkside Doorway, but it appears I missed an object in my investigation. Now, I’m stuck in this room and can’t get back out to look for it. These things happen to me. I’ll start the case over.

I know it shouldn’t, but the lack of facial features on the characters bugs me. Just a couple of dots for the eyes, even…

Nancy Drew The Tomb of the Lost Queen

Nancy is off on a dig in Egypt as an assistant, when a dust storm wipes out much of the dig and hospitalizes the professor in charge.

Another of the assistants, Lily, decides to take immediate charge of herself and Nancy. There’s a new Boss in town. So busy! So efficient!

She tries to block Nancy’s exploration of the tent, particularly the bunk belonging to the Professor.

So much for non-linear, I tried twice in a row to look in another guys luggage and got Fatal Error! You’ve lost the game! or some such. Hmpff.

There’s a bit in Nancy’s own Spartan trunk, but I’d expect a cooler room for her, frankly.

Finally there’s access to the Professor’s trunk and its loaded with books, and more importantly his notes. Someone, however has torn off a page from them.

Also in the tent is an ancient board game. By chance.

Happily, our Nancy won over the sneering Lily.

Time to say goodbye to Home Sweet Tent for a bit. I think I’ve looked at everything in it I can get to right now.

Adventure awaits! I think the Dig site itself is next.

Sherlock Holmes: The Secret of the Silver Earring

Sherlock and Watson have been invited to a soiree at the home of Sir Bromby. As he takes the podium to speak to his guests, he’s shot dead. Good thing Sherlock is here to investigate.

All three of these games are point and click to move and to interact. Sherlock is a bit stiff in all ways. He asks most guests and staff the same questions. Wandering around the house (with an astonishing number of doors) he finds items that look interactive but he says he “needs something” with no clue as to what, instead of picking them up.

There were two bits of paper he picked up in the dining room, but I couldn’t see how to view those. This is my first Sherlock game, my first Frogwares game, so I don’t have the long practice with the UI most players would.

There are odd bits of “clipping” with characters half in and half out of furniture or architectural features. Note the Chef popping up (mostly) from the cellar.

Those are my three for this week. I’ll play through a bit more and Thursday evening I should have some progress and recommendations.

There are 13 pictures for IntPiPoMo in this post, for a total of 28 so far.

What do you think?

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