Puzzles, Maps and Logic, Oh My! (IntPiPoMo #3)

I’ve no logic. I like puzzles. I’m impatient, though, and need to slow waaay down. I’m so used to fighting my way through every game, I’m prone to missing the simplest things.

The Darkside Detective

I started The Case over again. Examining every pixel, I saw I had missed quite a few things. Don’t forget to look under the bed.

I’ll need to get in the habit of talking to people several times in case they suddenly have some new information. Backtracking has always bugged me, but it’s a built in feature to the kinds of games I’d like to play, apparently.

With the proper tools, you can decipher a “demonic doorway” as they call it in the game.

And stepping through, the Detective rescues the sweet little Alice.

Case Closed. It turns out I did miss a few things, but I wasn’t trapped in the room, you just need to pixel hunt a bit at the bottom of the screen to get the down cursor.

Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Silver Earring

I looked up how to use your inventory after my last session. A right Mouse click opens your inventory and journal. It turns out Sherlock says “I need something” when he wants you to make available his magnifying glass or test tube or something from inventory.

Now I could retrace my steps and properly pick up items, and read the notes in the journal. The house is a maze of closed doors. I’m printing the map and labeling the rooms, argh.

I felt like I’d exhausted conversational options with everyone and looked in every room carefully, but Sherlock can’t leave the mansion because he hasn’t examined all the clues. Let meeeeee out!

Nancy Drew and the Tomb of the Lost Queen

This is my favorite of the three. Before heading to the tomb, there’s an Antiquities tent that’s full of useful items and information. One is a grid map of the tomb itself.

Puzzles abound. I thought I was pretty good at jigsaw puzzles, but this one just didn’t make any sense, though I got it eventually.

The inside of the tomb itself is impressive, just beautifully illustrated.

I haven’t explored everywhere yet, but so far there was an unusual sliding tile puzzle. Not my specialty, but I didn’t whine for my Sliding Tile Puzzle Master Spouse, did I? No. I got it.

There’s a hieroglyph puzzle that I got about halfway through, and I went to find him. He had it solved so fast. Logical minded soul that he is. I think he would really like these Nancy Drew games.

I did try looking at hieroglyphic alphabets , but the puzzle gives you three letters to start. The symbols were the same as used in hieroglyph alphabets I found, but they give you three beginning letters in the game puzzle and those did not match the alphabets.

I like them all, I’ll keep playing. May logic come my way.

12 Pictures in this post and we’re up to 40 of 50 for IntPiPoMo so far.

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