No Control on the Horizon (IntPiPoMo #4)

What a clever post title, you say, since this week I’m looking at my Steam Library Games Control and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This is a photo-realistic adventure game wherein you’re a hunter in a post apocalyptic society. You hunt robotic creatures (so far) called Striders (horse shaped) and Watchers (somewhat bird like, as in deadly ostrich) for their spare parts. You can also apparently hunt “real” animals for meat. I’ve gotten a little obsessed with the mechanical beasts though.

Your character is an Outcast from the Matriarchal (?) society in the area. Because of the crime of being “motherless”.

At the beginning there’s a Naming Ceremony. attended by kindly Rost and baby Aloy. Baby Aloy is adorable.

Unexexpectedly one of the Elders shows up and blesses the ceremony though she’s immediately gained the ire of her counterparts for it.

Rost, the guardian, teaches Aloy to hunt and how to survive. He seems caring, but child Aloy hates being unable to play with the other children, and wants very much to be told she’s loved. A bit resentful, one day she runs off after being scorned by the Mother’s Heart folks.

She ends up in a cave, which she explores, eventually finding a scanning device that she wears always afterward.

Rost tells Aloy of The Proving, a test she can take when she comes of age that could end her status as an Outcast. She spends years training with Rost, and then it’s time to test her skills.

Of course you’ll need to prepare for the Proving by gathering robotic parts for Fire Arrows. I super need to make myself a sheet of PC controls. All the in game directions for combat, eating and crafting are for a game controller. Not helpful.

This is my excuse for sneaking up on my prey, then whacking them with smooth melee moves of the type I learned way back when my only weapon was a wrench. System Shock and Half Life, I salute you. Haven’t died yet, needer, needer.

The Quest log is nicely complete. No vague “go the way of the moon in winter” directions here.

The map is very handy as well. I find I’m getting intense about finding the campfires which are your save points.

Flame Arrow parts gotten and crafted. Off to get a Tripcaster from a semi-friendly trader, practice with it a bit then meet Rost to enter the Proving.

Figure A Weasely Trader.

Likeable heroine, interesting world, controls are fine once I make my own list of them. Love sneaking around in the grass for some reason.


The other game this week is Control. I meant to play Metro Exodus but it didn’t like my video card, wanted to use Safe Mode, which I didn’t do, then it solidly froze my PC. Poof! Uninstalled.

Control is a weird, paranoia filled shooter. I noted it is somehow tied to the Alan Wake story. I was very pleased then, to be able to stroll the dark spooky hallways of an innocuous but messy government type building without being afraid at all. Yay me.

You’re the new Director of the FBC, or Federal Bureau of Control. You see the previous one in a cutscene shoot himself. Oops.

As you make your way through the deserted building, there are a few notes and helpful signage.

The building is deserted until you hear a voice–singing? No problems, it’s only the obligatory Creepy Janitor. He directs you to the Director’s Office but, the Director is dead on the floor.

Hey, there’s a test! Use those jumping skills! You’ve got a great melee attack (again, my favorite). You have unlimited ammo! There’s a catch. Your gun shoots slowly (I thought) and it recharges slowly. If you’re shooting one guy, and have a little distance, the gun is an easy choice. Get multiples, and whack whack, hit em in the back 🙂

After passing the test, you make your way through the building again. This time guided by the Voice and the Shadow of, you guessed it, The Dead Director.

Don’t worry though, YOU are the new Director. Your picture is plastered all over the building!

If you’re the Director, why can’t you open this door? Look at the hallway just to the right. Earlier there were three sets of legs dangling down here, as if people had been hanged. Nope! Three guys dropped down. I feel the door should have opened for me right then. But no.

I want to report I’m still not scared. However, I do need to consider tactics. In the next room, a large office space with lots of desks, I had a challenge or two. In the picture below, note the legs hanging down, which I did not pay attention to, doh.

So, I go around the corner to the left. About halfway down the room a guy with a gun is shooting at me so I shoot back. Run out my ammo. Go to whack him. However, I’m killed myself instead because of the dangling legs guy dropping down. In the game I still didn’t notice it, and thought someone had come from the corridor to the right.

On re-load, I turn right to confront the guy but he’s not there. In the middle office with big glass windows you see straight ahead here, a guy pops up, guys pour in from the left. Things go badly.

Don’t worry, I am now completely prepared for the drop down guy, because working with these screenshots, I see him there.

When you die, there’s an annoying long load screen that I think is supposed be swirling blood (almost certainly yours). Here they give you little tips. Below you see they recommend Sprinting. So, I’m supposed to Sprint through the big Office to the left. I’ll be able to dodge bullets and grenades (mentioned in an earlier tip. FYI you should back up when you are aware a grenade has been thrown).

Sneakily intriguing. If I make it through the office area ahead, I’ve got the game bagged.

21 Screenshots in this post. IntPiPoMo Total is 61. Got it.

What do you think?

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