Steam Sale Fall/Winter

As you’ll recall I was doing some picture posts featuring two games from my Steam Library. Part of this was I wanted to actually look at some of the games I owned already, but I also wanted to get an idea of what kinds of games I might be interested in playing, aside from the ever appealing Burning Crusade, Classic edition.

I have a favored price point in these Steam sales. Ideally I can snare something for $10.00 or less, the less the better 🙂 There is a next level goal of something I’d really like dropping under $20.00. It’s exceedingly rare for me to go over that. I’d have purchased the game new if I wanted it that much, in general.

So much for my cheapo ways.

In the Fall Sale I purchased Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock, as I like the Nancy Drew Games, and can always call in the Puzzle Police, aka my spouse.

Also Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor because I vaguely recall seeing my son playing it, and it looked surprisingly interesting. My son recommended I get the sequel instead, which he says was better. I have to start at the beginning of a story, though. I meant to have played it a bit before the Winter Sale, but I didn’t get around to it.

To The Moon. This is part of an odd little trilogy. The stories don’t seem as connected story wise as a trilogy would normally be, and I liked the premise which reminded me of something Ray Bradbury would have written.

In that dicey higher priced range I purchased Jedi Fallen Order. I think I’m in the mood for a Star Wars Game. I’ve considered this one the last few sales, and that price point sealed the deal.

I compiled a fun list of possibles from the Winter Sale:

Halo the Master Chief Collection

Death’s Door

Middle Earth Shadow of War

The Forgotten City

Agatha Christie Poirot The First Cases

Sam and Max Beyond Space and Time



Beyond A Steel Sky

Little Nightmares 2

Psychonauts 2

Nancy Drew Ghost of Thornton Hall

Nancy Drew The Curse of Blackmoore Manor

Tandem a Tale Of Shadows

Syberia the World Before

Watch Over Christmas

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Ed

And the winners were:

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Ed (I had it on cd but not useable anymore.)

Nancy Drew and The Curse of Blackmoore Manor (I’m going to get them all. I did some reading on which were the best, and why. This was my top choice. I’m a fan of the CW Nancy Drew, and am going to read the first five books in the series, for the first time ever this year. Nancy Nancy, Nancy.)

Middle Earth Shadow of War Definitive ed. 8.99 what’s not to like though I hadn’t finished the first or looked at it, even. They’re mine, now, muahahaha)

Halo The Master Chief Collection Had the cd, didn’t get into it. It does seem like one I’d enjoy, so off we go.

I should be good till the summer sale.