Elder Scrolls Online: Back to Adventuring in Tamriel

I’ve been interested in the new Elder Scrolls Expansion High Isle since it’s announcement, and marked my calendar to re-subscribe before April 4, 2022 so I can get my goodies and have access to all my crafting bags.

Having a new place that has not been visited in any Elder Scrolls game is the lure for me. According to Steam, I last played ESO October 7, 2020, so I haven’t even dabbled for a long while. It will take me awhile to reacquaint myself with the world and game play. I wish they’d release these big updates in the dead of winter rather than in spring when you can finally be outside again, but apparently the game is developed where winter isn’t a thing. Hmmmpf. Good to be you.

In any case, I’m downloading the game as we speak, and will purchase the expansion. High adventure, yo ho!

I love the Khajiit in the promo poster. Do I have a glorious white furred one that I can set sail with? If not, I’ll bump someone off if need be (I’ve been getting ruthless about killing off characters for their slots lately).

LOTRO Graphics Tweaked, Finally

One of the things keeping me from peeking into LOTRO now and then has been how awful, fuzzy, and yellow the game looked, particularly in Mirkwood.

There’s a LOTRO forum post I’d seen before that insanely helps make the game look like a completely different game.


Even Mirkwood, while dim and dark, isn’t yellow. Moria is gorgeous. I’ll be playing a bit now. This makes me happy.