Atheren’s Gaming Goals June 2022

I’ve actually played a few other games than World of Warcraft, but it’s not easy tearing myself away. So much to do there.

Elder Scrolls Online

As we know, I re-subbed to Elder Scrolls Online, and I did pre-purchase the High Isles expansion. I’ve been making my way through Blackwood, but I’m just at the beginning.

I loved being back right away, and found the quests to be so well written and immersive, and just loved the NPC’s actually talking to you in such a personal and conversational manner. June goal, play my Khajiit in Blackwood more, send my highest character in ESO to the High Isles.


Playing Elder Scrolls Online always makes me want to play Oblivion, but I never do. This time, I made a Breton Mage and sent her out through the sewers then out into Tamriel. Though I was enjoying using magic much more than I ever have with a character, she kept dying all the time and it made me crazy.

To be fair, it is almost certainly because, when attacked, as you often are in this game, out of nowhere, my instinct is to whack the attacker with my sword, not go whoosh, whoosh with a spell. It just doesn’t do the job.

I kept the save of her, but started a new game with a Battle Mage character. Sheesh. It seemed to me to perfectly fit the way I actually play. But when I looked up tips for building the character, it was all sneer, sneer, what a brown mound of poodoo you are for being a Battle Mage.

My son said I should ignore all that. It’s a single player game, he said, do what ever you want.

I’ve still died a few times with this newer character, but I’ve beat the Highwaymen who have popped out, so likely I just panicked and died because of it.

I don’t like that this character runs out of Magicka very quickly.

This time around I dropped off the Amulet of Kings with Jauffrey pronto. Though I said this time I was finally going to play through the whole main quest line, even if it does in Martin (sniff), I am avoiding Kvatch like mad.

So…why is it always night time in every city when you go to sell your loot?

Why is it always cold and windy with a driving rain?

WHY do Imperials come jumping out with robbers and wizards so you panic and whack them so they cry MURDER, and I’M ON YOUR SIDE. Get. Away. From. The. Bad. Guys. STOP JUMPING OUT AT ME.

So there I was, on the Road to Cheydinhal, heading to do my first Fighter’s Guild Quest. It was foggy, dead gray impenetrable foggy all the way from the Imperial City to Cheydinhal. Halfway there, two bandits attack, then there’s a third. I’m using my sword as fast as I’m able. Of course one is an Imperial.

I reloaded and deleted the save with them in it and next time through there were deer and wolves.

Again, my son, who seemed so wise above thought it was great I killed the Imperial because now I could join the Dark Brotherhood. They come to you in your sleep if you murder someone, you know. I do not ever do the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood. Gross, gross.

This game, though, is as great and addictive as it ever was.

June Goal: Complete the Fighter’s Guild Quests


I really loved the TV series Halo, and loaded up the game to see if I’d enjoy it. I did but haven’t gotten far. Certainly farther than I have in the past.

June goal: Make progress.

Lord of the Rings Online

I’d like to move my Loremaster and Burglar forward here. I will try to spend a tiny bit of time in Mirkwood with my Hunter but, agh.