In Before The Lock: Blaugust 2022

I’ve signed up for this year’s annual Blaugust event, pretty much officially. I can write a post a day in my sleep, normally, but have been unable to write a thing on my main blog since mid June. I’m hoping to break the blockade here. My goal is to get a nice Rainbow Diamond Award for my sidebar at month’s end. I liked the idea of the new achievements this year, but there aren’t many I can see myself doing.

Because I’m a dirty rotten cheater at heart (remember the Can of Worms game tips site? Sniff), I’ll post general game posts, and steal would be content from my Azeroth blog, and TV posts that fit in this science fiction-y game environment such as Umbrella Academy and the upcoming last season of Locke and Key, not to mention the likely gag-worthy Game of Thrones prequel and Uncharted the Movie when it finally hits Netflix.

I do love a run-on sentence.

In case you haven’t piled in and signed up for Blaugust, all the details are on the Tales of the Aggronaut blog.

See you Monday!