Screen Shot Saturday: Progress With Bendy And The Ink Machine

Welcome to Screenshot Saturday. Instead of some random recent screen shots, I thought I’d re-visit a game I found intriguing but had made no progress in at all on my first play though. Rather like the posts for October’s IntPiPoMo (all pictures with teeny bits of text, right up my alley), the shots tell a little of the story of the game.

Notice there’s no save option. My total lack of progress last time was not recorded at all and I started fresh.

Who could resist an invite from an old friend?

It’s a little quiet in here. Is that…ink?… pouring in from the ceiling?

Not Mickey Mouse dreams, to be sure.

Classic cartoon wolf. I think I’ve seen him in The Three Little Pigs.

Whoa, whoa. Is that Boris? Eeep!

Could this be the Ink Machine?

This time through, tons of rooms opened up that hadn’t before. I’m not sure what I did to trigger the changes. It might be that I turned a projector off and left it off?

Finally I’m finding goodies to pick up.

As your’re walking around, the place seems utterly deserted, yet, not…quite… A light under a door that switches off just as you open it.

Then there’s this guy who WAS NOT there during the last pass in this hall.

Want to save your game? Head down to the employee break room and clock in!

Maybe I’ll finish the game this time around. Stay Bendy!

What do you think?

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