Blaugust Week 2: Introduce Yourself

Hello! Atheren is my game blogging name, also my In Game Name in a fair few places. The name comes from my Bria Ranger, in Star Wars Galaxies, my first MMO. Here she is:

I’ve had numerous versions of my game blog, but this particular one began in June of 2012. I’d started a guild in World of Warcraft, and wanted to have us run dungeons. My first posts were advice on how to prepare for dungeons and what to bring along. Since the guild was and remains family, they didn’t take me seriously, and didn’t read it except occasionally.

The site name the Last Chapter Guild naturally goes with the guild name, which we use on Blackwater Raiders, World of Warcraft.

Luckily my spouse has always had my back and he reads whatever I write. For some reason, he’s always liked my game posts best. For the month of August he’s happy as anything, and he’s been reading the Blaugust participant blogs on my sidebar every day as well.

My Bartle Score is

80% Explorer

53% Achiever

47% Socializer

20% Killer

I’m squeezing a post out on that this week, as it fits the theme nicely.

I also will be posting on:

Preferred Game Types

Classes I Prefer to Play

My All Time Favorite Characters

You will also want to know that my Myers Briggs is INFJ. Super accurate. Except we did it at work once and I was horrified by the other people who turned out to be in my group. No. Way. Not me, not them. (Ahem)

Quote from one of my earlier game blogs: I carry a long sword to keep enemies out of reach and to slice em’ down before they can get near. I operate in real life much the same way.

After those exciting bits, you’ll know everything you’d want to about me as a gamer. That’s the whole point, eh?

2 thoughts on “Blaugust Week 2: Introduce Yourself

    • I didn’t even notice that pointy comment tied into the sword quote. I suppose the sword quote seems a bit harsh, but it’s meant to be sort of brave and fierce. Hopefully no one reading this read my old blog Salaryn’s Sword. I don’t know why I took it down, but I have saved some posts from it, and that quote I thought was so endearing. I do miss doing the annual Pointy Sword Awards.


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