That Olde Chestnut…The Bartle Test

Every good gamer soul baring exercise must include The Bartle Test. How can you truly know your inner gamer if you haven’t been properly quizzed?
My spouse informed me that my result numbers added up to 200%. In order to be more accurate, I should slice each number in half. Sacrilege, right?

Below are the questions and my answers. I honestly was pleased as I was going along thinking I’m way more social these days, only to receive an extremely puny Socializer score. I am goal oriented, and I’m also, in games, something of a completionist, so I like my Achiever score. I’m really looking forward to Achievements in Classic Wrath. As with most of my time in Classic, I feel that I have the chance to do everything right this time. Getting all or most of the Achievements as they become available is an exciting prospect.

I’m aware of course of the Gamer Motiviation Profile, but I think too many real life personal questions are asked. I understand it’s meant to be real analysis, as much as anything to do with having imaginary lives can be, but, nope.

2 thoughts on “That Olde Chestnut…The Bartle Test

    • You should do it! I thought my numbers were different in the past, but I couldn’t find the score from the old days. I’m sure I’ve changed, but Explorer was always at the top.


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