Preferred Game Types

Favorite Game Types

MMOs These tend to dominate my time as there’s just so much to do. It’s also the case you don’t have to save your game, worry about losing progress if you don’t make it to a save point. If you die, most are generous enough in the penalties paid. I enjoy being able to play with others, whether it’s my family or random sorts you meet for dungeons, or can help out in the world. I like how dynamic and alive the worlds are. I dislike that many can’t resist bringing the real world with them into games. What’s that quote? In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Action Adventure I remember the days when these were two very separate categories, and the Adventure advocates really disliked the idea that you might have to fight things, and that you could die. I still enjoy pure Adventure games where it’s more about story and puzzle solving, but I like even more the added danger that comes with foes for you to overcome.

Mystery There has been a sort of renaissance of Mystery games in recent years. It’s the first category I search when it’s Steam Sale time. Unfortunately for me, I lack logic almost entirely. This gives this game type extra challenge, doesn’t it?

Fantasy I read Mystery, Fantasy and Science Fiction, so these settings are endlessly appealing to me. Fantasy games have that opportunity to be heroic and wield swords, slaying beasts and saving villages far and wide.

Science Fiction These games let you step into the future, travel in time, adventure in outer space, explore amazing new worlds, meet incredible beings.

RPG Taking on the role of Warrior (usually) or Ranger in an intricate world where you level your character stats and play through a deep story line are endlessly appealing.

Puzzles Because I lack logic and apparently sometimes the ability to closely observe, these are a real challenge but I can’t resist them.

Platformers I’m thinking here of favorites like Donkey Kong and Yoshi’s Island, also the original Duke Nukem, that adorable little blond whirlwind.

Don’t Generally Care To Play:

Top Down (With loads of exceptions) Here I’m thinking of Top Down strategy games mostly. Or anything where everyone’s running around like ants on the screen. It’s not immersive and I keep wishing I could just tip the point of view a bit to get it where it “should” be.

Simulators This includes the Sims, and anything like it. I did see a post from Welshtroll this week on a simulator called Hardspace Shipbreaker that sounded great, like actually being in space and trying to keep everything going.

Building Games From Civilization (which I’ve always wanted to like) to Landmark to Roller Coaster Tycoon, these start slow and peter out fast for me. It might be my lack of artistic ability at play.

Card Deck Games Zzzzzzzz Give me an imaginary dwarf over an imaginary playing card any day.

Pure Horror (Silent Hill type) I’m too scared to play them. I scream constantly, disturbing my spouse.

Resource Management These seem like some awful little mathematical torture game in disguise.

Sports I’ve never been a sport player or fan. I don’t mind watching others play.

Racing Hand eye coordination is not a thing for me. Thank God I can drive down a real road just fine. In these, I can’t control the car and I’m either bumping along the wall and can’t get off, or I speed off the road. Can’t make turns or jumps.

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