Locke and Key Season Three

I love this show with it’s old house, full of faded elegance and hidden keys that ask to be found. The keys have a wide range of uses:

In this third and final season, the Locke family faces a new foe. Gideon, a twisted incarnation of a British Captain from Revolutionary War times is infused with a god like being from beyond The Black Door. He’s an implacable enemy who wants all of the Key House keys. They originated in his realm, and can be used, he feels, to tear open the walls between the two worlds.

He summons two “Echoes” to assist him in getting the keys. They’re so happy to be somewhat alive that they follow his every command.

The strength of the show for me besides the fabulous house and imaginative keys are the Locke family themselves. The mom, Nina, is still something of a weak character, but she has some good moments. Tyler, the oldest son, is trying to forget the events of previous seasons. Kinsey is taking the lead and is doing great at it. Bodie, always my favorite, gets some really good storylines. Together, and with help from some old friends, they are a formidable group.

I watched all eight episodes in an evening. Highly recommended.

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