Ditch The Clownsuit: Guides To Fashionable In Game Armor

Nobody likes the armor you find yourself wearing, particularly in the early levels of a game. The mis-matched Clownsuits available just make you feel bad.

Here’s where you can use a few in game fashion guides, though most of the really nice things require you to level up, so smile through your helmet, lowbie.

World of Warcraft blogger Kamalia et alia has a feature called Sunday on the Promenade where she shares the loveliest and latest in Warcraft finery.

Lord of the Rings Online

There are quite a few gorgeous Lord of the Rings Online Fashion blogs. You might want to go back to playing simply to collect the outfits after seeing these.

Material Middle Earth http://materialmiddleearth.blogspot.com/

Nath of Material Middle Earth stopped writing her blog last year, but she wrote for nine years, so there are tons of beautiful and inspiring outfits here.

Cosmetic Lotro https://cosmeticlotro.com/ is an up to date guide to your best looks as a denizen of Middle Earth.

Wandering Around Arda: Outfits For Lord of The Rings Online not only has beautiful outfits, the backgrounds are perfect for each outfit, and there is a wonderful bit of story for each, told as a tale of Middle Earth. https://wanderingarda.wordpress.com/

Elder Scrolls Online

I’m a bit disappointed not to find a dedicated site for Elder Scrolls Online fashion. There is a TESO Fashion Reddit with lots of folks sharing their character’s outfits though.


There you go, plenty of inspiration from artful, creative in game costumers.

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