Writing the Realms: The Games Magazines

Down another rabbit hole as I write this on Wednesday night. My favorite gaming decade was the 90s, this is when I started to play, and when I became a huge fan of the magazines that carried articles about games.

I thought there were more titles, but the ones I read every month were Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer, and Computer Games Strategy Plus. They were full of ads for games, gorgeous full page ads, reviews of upcoming or recently released games, and interviews with developers and game play strategies.

Internet Archive: Computer Gaming World

My favorite of the magazines was Computer Gaming World. It’s on the Internet Archive! How do you spell squee?


This particular issue has articles by two of my favorite writers, Johnny L Wilson and Scorpia!

Note issue 120 below, and the article “Secrets of the Game Developers” Ha! I told you, it was all right in these magazines. Also, feast your eyes on issue 145 “100+ new games”. Many new games were released October through November. I’d always have something like five games on my Christmas list. So hard to choose!

PC Gamer survives, but as a shadow of what it was. For this one I haven’t any favorite writers. I read it religiously nonetheless.

With less coverage of the types of game I played, but excellent writing by Cindy Yan and editor Steve Bauman, as my favorites, Computer Games Strategy Plus was a great magazine. If they did review or feature my type of game, the article was really in depth.

There we go, back in the day when games were supposed to offer 60+ hours of play, the witty, knowledgeable game journalists at these magazines helped you decide what to purchase, gave strategies for play, and wildly entertained, every month, for a low low price.

What do you think?

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