Blaugust 2022: Lessons Learned Week

I’ve been really pleased with this year’s Blaugust. I enjoyed writing every post. It has been fun. As I might have mentioned in the very first post, this blog is all about Play.

To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.” Oxford Languages

I play games for much the same reasons I read voraciously. To relax, escape, become immersed in other lives or lives I could never really live. To problem solve. To overcome challenges. To be the heroine I’d like to be. In my head, of course.

Writing about these things allows me to tell stories of my adventures. There are few things more enjoyable than having adventures and then sharing them. Thanks to those who have stopped by this month and read about those adventures, and also to those who have shared their own. Pure magic.

What do you think?

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