The Blaugust List of Forgotten Things

Remember that first thrilling day of Blaugust when the month seemed as if it would stretch on forever, and you’d be able to play so many games, write so many intriguing posts? It was going to be your best blogging month ever.

As the month buzzes along, life intrudes, you’ve no time to play or do anything you’d want to share. But it’s Blaugust, and sometimes you just blow out the corners of the map and talk about whatever the heck you want. That is great! It’s so much better to read about the person behind the player some days, so you know who you’re adventuring with. Know thy companions.

That is an exceptional thing about Blaugust. It brings a huge variety of people together for these few weeks as companions, and as a community. You have my sword, my bow, and my axe!

These are the things I wished to share in that dreamy first week that I have not done.

Get everyone’s blog on my sidebar. I will still go back and add these. There were many new great voices this year. I am a fish and just use Inventory Full’s nice blogroll with snippets to read things most days. So I’ve enjoyed lots of new writers though I was a slug adding them to this blog.

No Dungeon Run Posts. Just did not have the time to run them.

Oof. I’ve fallen off the wagon leveling and writing about Shadowlands WOW. How can you enjoy the true torture of leveling through Ardenweald if I don’t whine about it?

No LOTRO play time at all this month.

Very little ESO and I didn’t want to write about High Isle till I got a bit further into it. I’m loving Blackwood though, and am glad I re-subscribed.

I meant to purchase the Tomb Raider Anniversary game and play through that. A game I did not get far in at all, originally.

Promptalooza-I did pick one of these out for a post but got nowhere. Maybe next time.

I really hoped to finish a game during the month as an extra challenge for myself, but Bendy, Bendy, Bendy.

What this really means, is, I have lots of fodder for upcoming posts. See you on the other side.

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