Blaugust 2022 Wrapping It All Up

Yay! The last day of August. I made my goal of 31 posts in 31 Days. I decided to take part in Blaugust this year because I was feeling very low, and hadn’t been able to write most of the summer. I thought writing here, far away from the real world, I could get over my writing block.

It has worked. I am back to writing on my regular blog, except…our Internet provider did some network maintenance, and I’m blocked from all gmail accounts and blogs attached to Google accounts. (Sigh). I had gotten disgusted with Word Press, for a variety of reasons, and had gone back to Blogger blogs. All for naught. Lesson learned. Don’t remove your various blogs on various platforms, you may need them again.

Some ideas for future posts here I jotted down:

But….I Just Don’t Understand What’s Going On!

When you have been away from a game for a long time, or never played it from the beginning, you can be so confused about all the little details. I want to look at these three MMOs in particular and figure out All The Things I Don’t Understand:

Lord of the Rings Online (been away way too long)

EQ2 I like it but it always seems almost arcane in it’s complexity, coming into the game way late in it’s lifetime.

Secret World Legends As I plunged into this game again, I kept thinking I should stop and see how to upgrade armor and weapons, craft, make sure I’m fighting efficiently. But I was just carried away bouncing from quest to intriguing quest and running over and swamping little piles of gnawing zombies to stop and look anything up.

Why Isn’t There A Wowhead for Every MMO?

No apologies. You’ll recall I said I was a dirty rotten cheater. Oh yeah. I want the kind of detailed guides and quest help for LOTRO and EQ2 in particular that Wowhead gives World Of Warcraft. Just freaking tell me how to complete this quest. Tell me where to even go for the quest. Maybe they’d branch out. They should branch out.

Those Old Game Inspirations

There were some early influences in my early thinking about games and their design. Once I started posting on the Galaxies forums and was trying to understand why they made the decisions they did, I read lots of blogs and sites which delved deep.

Terra Nova

Fires of Heaven

Quarter to Three

RPG Roundtable

Moar Thrilling Screenshot Saturdays

What’s not to like? Great games, great stories.

Blaugust has been a blast. Thanks for stopping by. See you in the Funny Papers.

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