Wrath of the Lich King Quality of Life Updates

I’ve been noticing updates to the game and I’m just going to keep a running list of them here. Watch this space! Crowds in Stormwind once again.

Stormwind Harbor now exists! It gladdens my heart.

This is now the way to get to Auberdine, Kalimdor. Take the ship at the far left The Bravery. The Menethil Harbor ship to Auberdine no longer sails.


For “old world recipes” you no longer need to purchase spices for your recipes.

You can now place a campfire almost anywhere you’d like one, and you don’t need Flint and Wood.


There are now mailboxes all over Stormwind, where previously there were only three. Still no Auction House, Tavern or Bank in the Dwarven District.

Dungeon Finder

I’m going to keep working with this. It doesn’t seem as bad as everyone has said, in their vague way.

You Choose Your Preferred Role or roles for the dungeon. The dungeon list will show which dungeons you are eligible for, and what all the dungeon levels are. This is a huge enhancement, as nobody ever seemed to know what levels could be in any given dungeon.

Check the boxes for the dungeons you want.

Once you do that, you can click List Self at the bottom and you’re added to the list of people wanting those dungeons. Grr. I didn’t notice that DPS is automatically selected. So I listed as a DPS Priest. To the dismay of the Shaman forming the group. I have not played Shadow in Classic at all, nor do I like playing Shadow. I offered to leave but we worked things out.

With this list, you can just invite people to form a group from those who also chose your dungeons. I didn’t try to form the group myself, but the group did form fast, so I thought the “finder” was workable. Then of course everyone needs to make their way to the dungeon. No insta-transport to the entrance. No queue, just a list of people also wanting to get in the same dungeons as you.

Dept of Not Such A Quality Update:

If you make a Dwarven Female, you can’t get the pretty gold color of hair in Wrath Classic my Rogue has:

Will add a pic, but on the good side: Plants and interactable objects sparkle, making them much easier to see in grassy and dark places.

Atheren 9/14/22