Happy Year’s End!

As a note, I have access again to all of my Google based blogs, but, I don’t trust them and will likely not write much there if at all.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Is there anything else? I got my live server Atherne on Blackwater Raiders to the shore of the new area. I bought Fishing for an insane ten gold. (Though Atherne has loads of money, I’m in Classic money sensibility, always.) I’ll be getting back to Dragonflight sometime.

In Wrath Classic, ah, it’s all magic.

Now that my main character is at 80, I’ll have her complete all quests she hasn’t done. Make money, be the lead character she was meant to be.

There are two other characters in Northrend: my level 70 Death Knight, and my level 68 Priest. I just got the Priest there late last night. The fights are a bit tough, but she’s surviving them, and that’s all she needs to succeed. I think I will wait for her to get to level 69 before healing dungeons. I want to gear her up and assure she’s ready to save the world, as she does.

In the Outlands are my Destruction Warlock, level 67, Hunter level 64, my second Feral Druid level 64.

I have some lowbie characters, and wanted to share my tiny level 11 Prot Paladin soloing Hogger, her greatest accomplishment so far.

For some reason lately, I’ve been considering what happens if they discontinue Classic instead of moving forward, or do something like wiping and re-starting. My babies!

Filtering into my Wrath-y brain was that ten character slots are added on live. There is now a Priest clone there. For safety!

Even better, you’ll note my live server main character is Atherne. Someone stole my Atheren name, that I made up myself, grrr, lo those many years ago. That person wisely killed off the imposter, and real Atheren now exists on Blackwater Raiders.

Dungeon Finder Notes

I thought at first the hardcore Anti-Dungeon Finder crowd was just about power. Power to demand they get their way. Power to let you in groups or not.

Power to choose the makeup of each group. I think this is a bit true, and for reasons of liking or not liking certain tank or healer types, or even specific classes wanted. I think sometimes there is a desire to not have competition for loot. Who knows.

Right now, groups forming are mostly for Naxx 10 or 25 or Heroic versions of Northrend Dungeons. You can get a group for other dungeons, but it’s not easy. At the low level there’s an endless chain of requests in LFG for Deadmines and the Stockades. After that, you’re in trouble.

Dreamily, there is always LIVE where you can select every single dungeon in the game and get a run through it.

I will say people forming groups do look at the Dungeon Finder list as their main starting point to get a group. People do talk to each other in the dungeons. I think if they do add real dungeon finder, they should keep it for your own Realm. They could even make you go to the entrance, ooohhh. The tool needs tweaking, that’s for sure.


Flying is expensive if you have alts. So much money goes to skill training. Buying bank tabs, personal and guild, empties the pockets fast. I actually only have two characters who can fly. My main Druid Atheren, and my Priest. Of course now the Priest is in Northrend, she’s hoofing it again. Such is life in WOW.

I must add I’m a Grumpy Player now who thinks Flying should never have been introduced in the “Old World”. Ack, people flying in like gnats and stealing your nodes. Or just being there like giant wasps. So cranky, here at year’s end.