Middle Earth Wisdom’s Lord Of The Rings Online 30 Day Challenge Part 3

11.  Picture of your choice.   I’m having a terrible time with this one.  I even tried to track down some older screenshots from the 2007 era.  Poofed.   Here’s my Loremaster and her scraggly pal.

12.   Favorite Quest So Far.    It’s been a long time, but the quest right outside the gates of Moria, that finally open up Moria, that I loved.  

13.  Which Faction were you absolutely keen to get kindred status with?      I just don’t pay attention to faction or reputation, except World of Warcraft has beat me into Rep grinding submission.  These questions are serving as a guide to my looking deeper into the game, and someday I’ll be able to answer them.

14. Best Server to Play On.    Meneldor!  Oops, but gone.  Landroval is pretty nice.

15.   Raiding kinship or social kinship?     Something right in between.   People to do group content with, who are friendly, humorous and kind, is the ideal.   


Middle Earth Wisdom’s Lord of the Rings Online 30 Day Challenge Part 1

1.   Screenshot    Here’s my Hunter fighting a War Leader who has double her health.  Died once.  She had to find and fight two of them!

2. Absolute favorite character?   My Hunter of course!   I love her agility in a fight, and I think that of all bow wielders I’ve played, the Lord of the Rings Online Hunter is the most graceful and powerful seeming.

3.  Favorite Quest Pack?   Always, always Moria.

4.  Why did you start playing LOTRO?      I was looking for a new game, and loved Middle Earth almost as much as Star Wars, so I played as soon as it was available.

5. Favorite NPC?   Aragorn.   I have an Aragorn standee.  He’s the best.


Middle Earth Wisdom Lord of the Rings Online 30 Day Challenge

There are so many great blogging ideas out there.  I loved the 30 day challenges StarShadow presented in her Writing Prompts post.     She also has a link to her own answers to a few of the challenges she’s done so you can get an idea how it all works.

Since I’m working my way back into Lord of the Rings Online, I thought I’d try that particular one.   My plan is to work on the questions during the week and post my answers to five at a time on Fridays.

Here’s the challenge  http://middleearthwisdom.tumblr.com/post/99324582468/im-throwing-down-the-gauntlet-to-any-fellow-lotro

It seems fun and doable!  Here, for instance, are the first five questions:

My first set will be up on Friday August 17.