Arcanum: The Dread Bridge

The rotten bridge came up sooner than I hoped it would.  The Master Thief is quite the goofball.  Too much time spent at the dining hall in college, not enough time studying. 

I chose the mildest conversational path and appeared to be in major awe of him.  Guppy, he believed me.  Back to Shrouded Hills to see if there is an alternate way out.

I did make my character over pretty much the same as my first try. Except, I put a point in Melee, two in Dexterity and 2 in Strength.  So far pretty good.  Wolf Killers R Us.

Arcanum of Steamworks & Magick Obscura: F7

One evening last week the Internet went out. It was after midnight and the router isn’t conveniently placed so that I could reboot it.  Rather than go to bed I looked at my desktop to see what else I might play that didn’t want a connection.

Voila, the GOG games were available.  I tried out Return to Zork.  I did not play the original Zork games.  So I went in, found the little guys in the videos to be really weird, and I died pretty much immediately.  All indicators said to go south, despite alleged dangers.  It turns out the Zork game I had really wanted to play was Zork Nemesis (found that on my shelves while looking for the Arcanum box).  Much different.  Sacrilege to Zork-ites, I’m sure.

I had played Arcanum in the past, and have the GOG version, all nicely ready to play.  In the dim past, full disclosure, I played Arcanum and only got as far as a bridge where some guys killed me.  I couldn’t get around them for anything.  Sad story.

I was enjoying my new game of it, exploring, killing things successfully and relatively easily, I thought.

My human, long sword wielding, Tomboy background techie seemed good. Then a bunch of wolves killed me and my pal Virgil.

I could not figure out how to save, or it needn’t have ended so tragically.  It also wasn’t clear how to use the World Map to travel.

Enter the Pack Rat.  With some things.  Like my games.  I have the original box.  I always loved all of things that came with games in the good old gaming days.  When I was knee high to a grasshopper.  Or an Orc.

I’ve got the Quick Key List

I have a map! Yay me!

Gloriously I have the 189 page book to guide me as I consider if I should have gone with a magical character instead.  Or shall I remake my Tomboy?

While I ponder, perhaps I should try this recipe, helpfully included.  ( I thought at first Halfling might be one of the ingredients).