Squished! Assassination Rogue

Note the worried expression on her face.  Well may she worry.   As her dungeon test, she got in mid-to-finish on Vault of the Wardens and it felt like she wasn’t doing much damage.  I sent her back into the queue and got Darkheart Thicket.  While everything went well, it just had that squishy feel, you know?  See me fight with my toothpicks!  Wahhh!

Out in the world she was in Stormheim for a Skinning quest “Seymour and Agnes”.  Hmmpf what a mean mom.   Against individual creatures, no problems, everything down fast.  Still.

When I got back to Dalaran, I felt like someone should send her a note:

She’s a character whose talent choice notes I can’t find and I picked some, but they are not likely to stay as they are.

Master Poisoner
Cheat Death
Prey On The Weak
Toxic Blade
Hidden Blades