Atheren’s First Annual Game That Turkey Awards

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you get to your holiday destinations safely. 

Instead of sleeping tonight, my mind started thinking along the lines of Golden Turkey Awards.   I think in some incarnation of my game blog,  I did a similar post.  So that I can sleep, here we go:

The Gobbled Up Award goes to:

Gamigo, who seems to have nothing like Trion in it’s gullet, could do anything with Rift (the one I know and am sorry to see go).   My sleepy mind pictured some weird slot machine version.   Eek!

The Hollow Cavity Award Goes to Blizzard Entertainment!

Instead of a new Diablo game, or some exciting addition to Diablo 3, Blizzard used the featured spot at Blizzcon to announce a mobile version of Diablo.  No more information than that, but the sleepy mind reels.

Part Card Game?  Part Shooter?  Part Diablo Go?    Phone home, Diablo fans!

Finally (zzzzz) The Neither Fish Nor Fowl Award Goes to Bethesda Game Studios!

I’m not playing myself because, though it sounds like a great new Fallout game, it’s not a new Fallout game.   It’s not an MMO.   It’s not a shooter.   Speaking of turkeys, you’ve got 23 other people playing the game in your world.   You could play along side them.  You could try to ignore them.   You can apparently hear their heavy breathing and whatnot, whether you’d like to or not.   If you die, they can loot your miserable little dweller body.   I’m not sure if people are gobbling this one up or not.

Note: These are not screenshots, so I’m not counting towards IntPiPoMo.