August Game Goals

My posted August game goals (the only ones that count here) were pretty loose.

Battle for Azeroth

Level and Explore

Definitely I’ve met this goal, I think all seven of my characters in Kul Tiras will be at 112 by the end of August, and moving forward.   It’s going well, I’m enjoying the expansion far more than I did Legion.

For Lord of the Rings Online, I wanted to work on my high and low level Hunters.  I ended up moving forward a couple of levels with my main Hunter, getting her un-stuck from her spot in Mirkwood.  That’s quite an accomplishment.

On any given day my personal notebook can have game goals a page long, and most days I accomplish perhaps half the list.

I’ve been dabbling in a few other games while working on Blaugust posts, so September should have more game goals, more games.

August Gaming Goals

August looks to be dominated play time wise by:

Battle for Azeroth 

I’m more than ready to leave the Broken Isles behind with every day that passes for the sunny beaches of Kul Tiras.  Ah, Pirates! Tales of the Sea! Lovecraftian Monstrosities!  Treasures everywhere!  Argh, matey!  Time to set sail.

I was going to just go clockwise with everyone through the various lands, but maybe I’ll change that to Drustvar, Tirisgarde, Stormsong, the order in which I like the areas.

Once it’s Battle For Azeroth time, it’s all about leveling and exploration and excellent dungeons.   I’m going to slow down and do some fishing.  Water water everywhere, and the fish are always biting.

Lord of the Rings Online

I may alternate between my level 60+ Hunter and my uber level 16 Hunter.     I think I will be wise for once and use Myndariel’s excellent Hunter Guide to work on the 16 which should help me play the 60+ more effectively.

I’ve a ton of Blaugust topics to work with which will include revisiting some other games, and trying out some I haven’t played.