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It’s been a bad week in games.  I did get my Paladin to level 100, but otherwise?

Little things, perhaps, but cumulatively, I’m feeling puny.
I inadvertently uninstalled Everquest 2.   Oh well, my hard drive was full, so I reinstalled on my laptop.  It looks and plays great on it, unlike most things.
Submerged, a game I read about in January, was on sale on Steam.  I can’t get it to go past the loading screen.  High hopes.
LA Noire, from a previous Steam sale requires you to sign up for a Social Club to play, and there was some statement about your gameplay appearing on their website. What?
My Galaxies Architect was loading up a factory run and put a crafting tool in the ingredients hopper, which was then “too far away” to get back out.
My very best Wow character went in her first beta dungeon and got booted. Truly no idea why, a word was never spoken by anyone in the whole dungeon.  Cone of shame.  Still sulking.
I asked about getting my LOTRO Loremaster in the guild my lower level character was in. No response. BO?
Still stuck in Beregost (?) in Baldur’s Gate and every single person there tells me to go south to help with the mining problem.  Ogres!!!    
Luckily I’m about the most resilient person ever, and I’m going to regroup and move onward to glory.  A new week beckons.