Some Nights…

 World of Warcraft

I’m trying to get my Rogue leveled to Draenor.  She’s slogging through Hyjal, in what seems like my 20th time through the area.  Things are going well, she wins fights pretty quickly and onward.

Tonight a Horde Personage was working the same area and had to run in and kill anything I was going for.  I don’t understand at all why Horde and Alliance can’t talk.  It is crazy that I can’t tell the guy some indelicate bit.

One step ahead of me for every quest.  Get to the cave where you have to drag the little turtle around and kill the big turtle. The guys appears out of nowhere, whack whack.

I’ll just go away and come back later.

Swg Emu-ski

Ok, I have several things to do in SWG so I’ll just pop in there.

Frozen at character load screen…


Lord of the Rings Online

Hmmm they’re going to start the transfer process again Monday the 14th.  It occurs to me my Meneldor characters might get split up and some low level characters might be holding items for higher level ones. 

I should check their pockets while there is time.  Sure enough the Warden has wood and a boatload of recipes for my Minstrel.  Her inventory and bank are full of stuff for the other character.  Poor thing.

Log in Minstrel, see what craft level she’s at, have Warden send her wood.

For some bizarre reason, My level 43 Minstrel is in the Shire, near Needlehole.   Her map thingie would take her to Angmar, but I’d like her to catch up on crafts so she can clear inventory space.

I could just ride, but I decide to use the Stable horses.  Needlehole to Hobbiton. Hobbiton to West Bree.

Except.  Suddenly my horse freezes.  Can’t dismount.   Try logging out to log back in but Disconnected from Server.

I’d like to play something for a bit longer tonight but I guess I don’t dare.