World of Warcraft The Hour Of Reckoning

The addition of three new cinematics changed the tenor of the Battle of Lordaeron scenario considerably.  It has gone from being yet another long, long scenario (as it turns out, I hate scenarios), to a rousing fight.

It does not feel like payback for Teldrassil, but as if a battle had to be fought in order to stop a tide of destruction.

I am all admiration for Anduin’s mercy and honor.  The kid is growing up fast, but he has kept the essence of who he is.

The day is won however, by Jaina showing up in ship, in the air,  (her betrayed father’s ship, which she pulled from the bottom of the sea?) and banishing the plague from in front of the keep.

Then, by God, she turns her ship and blasts through the walls with ghostly yet effective cannons.  Go Jaina, go!

I also have a new appreciation of Alleria’s heroic entrance with Mekkatorque.  Going after her own evil sibling, yow.   Go, sister!

In the groups I’ve been in, you can see that everyone is fighting all out, and they take down every single opposing npc.

Sylvanas is still weirdly fascinating.  I think she’s a great Villain.