Atheren’s Adventures The Year In Review 2018

World of Warcraft

The bulk of this year was spent playing World of Warcraft. Right after Blizzcon 2017, I started leveling characters so that they’d be at max level when Battle for Azeroth arrived. I found as I was doing this that I enjoyed the Class quests more than I would have guessed.

I stuck in my toe in some LFR’s, and they weren’t bad at all. I didn’t feel like there was much of a reward for participating in them, which I suppose is the point. You’re supposed to be in a Raid Guild that only let’s you go along if they’re desperate, and they sure aren’t going to let you have any gear drops, because those are for the real raiders. Pretty icky, in my opinion. At least if something is available as LFR you can just leap in there, and experience the content, since many story lines conclude in Raids, apparently. If that’s actually the case, you might want to tweak that so everyone can complete quest story lines start to finish on their own.

Only seven characters were ready when the expansion arrived, and I sent them through each area in kind of a little conga line. It was good, and then it became grindy, particularly in Stormsong Valley (which I’m still not over).

After taking a break in November/December I’ve gone back in with a new plan, an even better plan (Start the Revolution Without Me). I’m going to run characters to 120 one at a time, leading this time around with my Demon Hunter.

I didn’t realize how much I missed bouncing around on my characters on other servers, and creating new characters on new servers. Sometimes I like to drop back to simpler times in the game world. I killed off four characters I never play (still very hard to do). Whoo hoo! I now have six open character slots for creating new characters on realms unknown.

Once again I have to comment on the awful new character models. It would be more palatable if there were barbershop options to change eye size and color, and many more hairstyles and colors available.

Everquest 2

I was really enjoying Everquest 2 earlier this year, and subscribed for a time. Somehow I got caught up in trying to work on crafting for each character, and while it was interesting, it felt onerous after a bit, so I drifted away. I’m certain to return to this game in 2019 as I have some really enjoyable characters there, I like the world, I love the quests.


I participated for the first time. I was really pleased to reach my goal of posting every day, and I liked my content. What started off as a pretty convivial atmosphere among bloggers soon seemed rather clique-y to me. It also seemed to me that there was some unneeded competitiveness and bloggers taking shots at others. No need for that.

On the plus side, I looked at some games in my Steam Library, and really liked them, but need to go back and finish them.

As part of Blaugust, I dipped back into some games I hadn’t played in awhile, Lord of The Rings Online, Wildstar, and Rift and Secret World. I enjoyed my time in all of them, and was sad to see the announcement that Wildstar would close. I will try to make time for the remaining games again in 2019.

Elder Scrolls Online

I started playing this more regularly in September, logging in each day for the Reward. By October, I was playing longer sessions, had truly fallen for the game, and I subscribed. I hope to write about it more, it is so deep and rich.

Star Wars Galaxies (Emu) The other game I’ve played at almost Live Game Levels this year is Star Wars Galaxies, the Pre-Combat Upgrade version. The game remains the most absorbing, live your life in an alternate world experience ever. I’ve always hoped someone would make a game with all of it’s features, but there is still nothing like it.

Return of the The Last Chapter Blog as my Game Blog

It has been a good thing, moving back to my earlier blog. The blog was originally created to share World of Warcraft tips as I was learning them with my guild mates/family. They’re a rowdy bunch, though, and only my spouse always read it. I do like the Pages option at the top for linking to my favorite games and the sites that give guides for playing. That will need quite a bit of work.

I’ve found a bunch of new podcasts to try out, and will work on getting a updated list on the sidebar.

I miss my nice pictures to break up headings on the sidebar, so I’m going to get around that by sticking any picture I want to use on the sidebar in some selected post. Once you do that, it seems to become part of some nice picture archive you can always draw from. Work around solutions ftw.

Blaugust Wrapup

I’m writing and scheduling all my posts for the rest of the week on Monday the 27th.  Ahh… then it is all wrapped up!   This one is appearing on Thursday the 30th, because I have my LOTRO 30 Day Challenge tidily scheduled for Friday.  And done!


My favorite thing about the month has been finding new blogs to read.   There are lots of great viewpoints and ideas out there.


At the end of June, I had 24 posts for the year on this blog.  Getting warmed up for Blaugust daily writing in July got me 21 July posts!  Definitely in the swing of things.   With this week’s posts I’ll be at 38 for August, which easily meets my post a day goals.   83 total for the blog for the year!  I will easily meet my 100 posts for the year on this blog, way earlier than I usually try to make up for lost time.

The only post idea I think I’ll carry forward will be an occasional screenshot Saturday, as a nice way to sum up a week.

My Post Ideas Calendar

I had many ideas plotted out in advance, then found I’d rather write something else, or maybe I just didn’t have anything I wanted to say on the topic.  Most posts were written the night before and scheduled.   Some I did in advance.  It is nice to have those posts all written up and waiting for their scheduled appearance.  This is something I’ll enjoy the rest of this week, because they’re all written and scheduled.

Five Most Popular Posts, with the most popular at the top:

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My Own Favorite Five, in no particular order:

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Try It Tuesdays (particularly the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell one)
Blaugust Sunday Wordfind
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All the post ideas…..

Would I do it again next August?

Though it was a good challenge, summer is way too busy and 31 days seems like such a looong month.

So Many Great Post Ideas!

Mostly for myself, I’m noting here links to the many great post ideas I thought I could use that have been suggested by Blaugusters this month.  It feels like stealing, yet not!


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Try It Tuesday An Unknown Tale From My Steam Library: Dear Esther

I’ve picked out four games from my Steam Library to finally play a bit.  I’ll play them–though not all the way through–just to get an idea of this game I purchased, and to try something new.

I’ve read lots of reviews of Dear Esther.  It sounded intriguing, good story, interesting gameplay.

Technical Issues

I tried it first on my gaming laptop.  No sound, not even ambient.

Not wanting to spoil the game for myself, as I hadn’t read about it in any detail… I also thought something must be wrong because I couldn’t find any keyboard key that let me interact with objects.  Why are you putting in books and pamphlets I can’t read for clues, I thought?

My brief perusal of a game review let me know there should be sound.  A narrator speaking!  I moved to playing on my main gaming pc and it was fine, sound, music, and the narrative voice.

It turns out there is no way to interact or jump or do anything to really explore the environment.  You have to go along the path set out for you, even though, early on here to be sure, there appear at times to be more than one path.

This led me to scrawl a note to myself:  Is exploration actually exploration when you can’t choose a path?  Or is visiting an all new place enough?

The diary entries pop up at intervals.  I’m not certain if these are meant to show you you’re going the right way, or if they just appear every so often to draw you along in the story.

 I took a path that I thought would get me to the intriguing working lighthouse with it’s blinking red light.  All it did was take me away from the lighthouse, so it seems.   There’s a small cave that has a circular path through it.

Speaking of Clues.  This has a Myst like feel to it for me, so I’m noting anything that might be a clue in my ever handy notebook old school style, as I did back in the heyday of Adventure games.   I drew out this formula which appears in a shack and again in a cave.  Must be a clue, right?  Is there a Island of Dr. Moreau aspect to all this?

There’s also a picture in the cave.  Random cave scrawling or does it have deep deep meaning?

 Coming out of the cave, I start heading up a new path towards the Lighthouse.  The narrator makes me think maybe I should turn around and try to get to the half sunken trawler behind me.   I had tried moving along the shoreline on the old lighthouse side of the river (?) but the screen went black and there were these drowning noises so I backed up.   Maybe things would be better on the side of the shoreline.

 Ha!  glug glug.  Black screen. Then bounced back to just outside the cave looking just in this direction.   Worse yet, I’m stuck.  Cannot move in any direction.   That is a thing that can happen in old adventure games.  You do what you shouldn’t, go where you shouldn’t. Stuck.

It appears that you have four chapters in the game and it only saves when you’ve finished one.  If I didn’t make it past their save point, no harm no foul, I haven’t gone far at all and can start again, much the wiser.  Stay out of the water!

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Blogroll

Once again I’ve updated my blogroll to get all of the Blaugust participants on it so I can enjoy everyone’s posts.  

I used TAGD’s handy post with all the links to make sure I got them.

Although I like Blogger’s blogroll best because you can include “snippets” of the latest post, sometimes it won’t accept feeds, and sometimes it doesn’t update blogs though there are recent posts.  So, scroll all the way down to check for posts.  I pulled most blogs off that hadn’t posted in say, 5 months, but not all.  If something says a year, that’s just a problematic feed.

Not all the blogs are Blaugust blogs, they’re just ones I’ve found of interest.  Check with the biggies, aka the Mentors for exclusively Blaugusty lists.

My Blaugust Story

(Title stolen from Survivor’s “My Ponderosa Story”).   The blogosphere has really come alive in preparation for Blaugust, and I’m enjoying people’s “Why I blog” stories.   Here’s mine.

I’m pretty sure this will be my first Blaugust.  We’re always off on ten day vacations in August in places with spotty Internet, so it hasn’t worked out.  We finally decided it is way too hot everywhere in August, and my husband super can’t take the heat, so we’re traveling at other times.

This may be the fifth or sixth incarnation of my games blogs.  For some reason, I periodically just pop em’, and poof they’re gone.   Soon enough I start a new one.  I have three other blogs and the content I write here just doesn’t fit in any of them.  For me, don’t cross the streams, I say.

That doesn’t mean what you think it means.  My blog won’t rule Blaugust, hehe.

I have a post goal of 100 posts for the year, and in November/December I’m always trying to squeeze in a ton of posts to reach the goal.  Blaugust should put me on Easy Street for this blog.  This post puts me at 31 for the year!  Whoo hoo!  I got this.

I’ll be using my weaselly November/December crunch time techniques to make sure I get the 31 August posts.   Look away now.

The Triumphant Return of Blaugust

Just when you’ve been reading that things are awfully quiet in the blogosphere, a battlecry goes up from Belghast of Tales of The Aggronaut.    Check there for all of the exciting details!

In a nutshell, you write a post on your blog every day for the thirty one days of August.  It is easier than it sounds.  You’ll get lots of ideas from the long time bloggers who have volunteered to be mentors for Blaugust.

Don’t have a blog?  In a fiendishly exciting development, The Newbie Blogger Initiative is now part of Blaugust.  It’s a great encouragement for you to create and get your blog started.  Some really great blogs started as part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative.  We’ll all be reading and cheering you on.

Also included this year will be Developer Appreciation Week, something I always mean to write about but have not.   Now I can get credit  for my heartfelt post.

I really do appreciate the people who create the worlds I get to spend time in.

Check Belghast’s blog for the information on the Discord channel for Blaugust.   Lots of your favorite game bloggers are there, it’s a great opportunity to converse.

Note  I’ve added any blogs to my blogroll for those signed up or mentoring that I didn’t have, I do love game blogs so I had most 🙂

Updated blog roll with new participants 7/13/18