Blaugust Wrapup

I’m writing and scheduling all my posts for the rest of the week on Monday the 27th.  Ahh… then it is all wrapped up!   This one is appearing on Thursday the 30th, because I have my LOTRO 30 Day Challenge tidily scheduled for Friday.  And done!


My favorite thing about the month has been finding new blogs to read.   There are lots of great viewpoints and ideas out there.


At the end of June, I had 24 posts for the year on this blog.  Getting warmed up for Blaugust daily writing in July got me 21 July posts!  Definitely in the swing of things.   With this week’s posts I’ll be at 38 for August, which easily meets my post a day goals.   83 total for the blog for the year!  I will easily meet my 100 posts for the year on this blog, way earlier than I usually try to make up for lost time.

The only post idea I think I’ll carry forward will be an occasional screenshot Saturday, as a nice way to sum up a week.

My Post Ideas Calendar

I had many ideas plotted out in advance, then found I’d rather write something else, or maybe I just didn’t have anything I wanted to say on the topic.  Most posts were written the night before and scheduled.   Some I did in advance.  It is nice to have those posts all written up and waiting for their scheduled appearance.  This is something I’ll enjoy the rest of this week, because they’re all written and scheduled.

Five Most Popular Posts, with the most popular at the top:

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My Own Favorite Five, in no particular order:

So Many Post Ideas: Five Questions and Answers (3 posts)
Try It Tuesdays (particularly the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell one)
Blaugust Sunday Wordfind
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All the post ideas…..

Would I do it again next August?

Though it was a good challenge, summer is way too busy and 31 days seems like such a looong month.