Fun in the Blood Furnace

I love World of Warcraft Dungeons.  They are wildly variable depending on the group.  I know them well enough so I avoid some of them with my Priest because I know where the points are where everything can go south and you won’t be able to heal the tank or anyone else if you have a goofy group.

My favorite dungeons are The Burning Crusade dungeons.  I don’t think there’s a single one I don’t like. (my Priest isn’t quite up to them yet).  I like the Blood Furnace because it really is straightforward and little ever goes wrong.  The group just sails on through.

So I queued up my warrior Gnome who was sooo close to level 60 and this would do it.   I was in a good mood and asked the group if anyone else had the phrase “come at me bro” stuck in their head.  One guy said it was there all day yesterday.  Good sport.  Another guy starts in on the tank for not being in Blood spec.  And the Panda healer for not being in healing spec.

For some bizarro reason neither of them changed their spec.  The tank pulled a group or two poorly and he got the BOOT.  Luckily everyone loves the Furnace so we got a quick and fine replacement (as you know in some dungeons once the tank is out you wait and wait and wait.)

Soon, the Pathetic Panda healer is saying how HARD WE ARE TO KEEP HEALED.  Whoa lil’ bear, how about if you switch to a healer?  But no, another fool addicted to the spin move.  Probably just queued as a healer to get in faster but really wanted to be DPS.  He pulled his own furry self out all of a sudden.  Luckily we got a decent healer replacement in a trice.  Kudos to the Blood Furnace and its simplicity once again.

I do love a good dungeon.  Fig. “A”

blood furnace