Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (iOS)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons begins with a storm at sea and a boy in a small boat losing his mother to the waters.

The unlucky boy, recalling this, is hailed by his brother in the present.  Dear old dad is coughing and hacking as if he’s about to breathe his last.  The boys must load him onto a crude wooden cart and make their way down the hill and over a multi-level wooden bridge with levers and cranks.
Easy, right?  The boys have to work in tandem using only your thumbs to maneuver them to grab the cart, give a boost up to another level, and coordinate all.
I like the puzzles, and managed to get them to the bottom of the hill ever soooooo slowly.  Pulled the lever to move a section of bridge.  Climbed a rope and turned the crank…doh should have positioned dad and his cart on the lift first.  Now having trouble getting both boys back over to grab and move the cart.  A little frustrating but doable.  I’ll just need to do it in small increments so as to not go buggy from the controls.
The game uses the Unreal Engine so all of the landscape is beautiful and sharp.  The characters themselves are rather cartoony.