Teldrassil Burning

Now that we’re in the midst of the War of Thorns, a few thoughts:

Breaking up the quest chain and having an entire week between the parts blunted the impact of it considerably.  It was much more powerful in Test all in one sequence.

The Sylvanas section of The Warbringers was interesting as backstory to a character I don’t know.   It didn’t have the resonance of Jaina’s story though.   And, cringe away, but I had no idea who the big bad human guy was who decimated her world and turned her into a monster.  Her burning of Teldrassil was no surprise, and I wondered that people were even speculating it would be someone else.

For some reason, I hope she gets a redemption arc.  She’s powerful, she’s badass, she could be awesome and heroic.  Dang, that leap to the seige tower in the BFA cinematic, it rallied her troupes in a heart beat.

Next up, The Battle for Lordaeron.  I think I’ve played through it at least 15 times.  Eye poker time.  If it weren’t for the xp, and my stubborn desire to let all my characters prove themselves (and I do think it’s a good class test), I’d sure skip that one if given the chance.

I’ll be interested to see where they split the narrative.

I played through it once as a Horde character to see how the story played out from that side.

I find it difficult to play the Horde side.  Note her name.  Felt icky shooting at dwarves and Stormwind Soldiers (sorry buddies!)  Killed her off.

As a toss in, I also can’t really play a male either, because I can’t take it seriously.

I got this guy all the way to Aszuna.   Might have done a Battleground with him.  Lolmeister all the way.  He’s a goner too.