Galaxies (Tuesday, Oops): A Ranger’s Story

Busy day yesterday. I did think about my Tuesday Galaxies post once but then poof.

I have never had the ability to really Roleplay, but there were a ton of excellent Roleplayers in Galaxies.  The world was rich in background and lore so you could easily create an origins story for your character.

I hung out with a group of Rangers for a bit with the second Ranger character I made.  Everyone seemed to have a backstory for their character, so I attempted one too.  This is Amarta’s story:

     Amarta was born in Nashal, Talus.  Her architect father and tailor mother were busy crafters who worked dawn to dusk and had little time for Amarta.  Amarta helped them whenever she could by running errands throughout the city, making deliveries to merchants and entertainers.  She loved being sent to the cantina, a crowded smoky building packed with travelers and musicians and dancers.  She delivered goods or messages and always found a small corner where she could sit for a bit listening to the wayfarers and local hunters telling stories.  The visions these stories gave her of faraway cities and immense creatures which could be killed by a skilled hunter made her wish for a different life.  She was learning architecture and tailoring skills from her parents and next season, when she came of age, she was to choose to be apprenticed formally in one of these professions.  Although she had learned much from both of her parents, she hated sitting and crafting and was only happy running through the city and countryside.

     One day, while making a delivery to the lead musician in the local band, she saw a stranger sitting off in a corner talking to one of the lovely Twi’lek dancers.  He had long russet hair pulled back from his handsome face in a stylish manner.  His deep voice and hearty laugh seemed to fill the cantina as he flirted with the dancer, telling her about a giant turtle like creature he had killed on faraway Rori.  These turtle creatures, “Tortors” he called them, gave the largest amount of wooly hide per harvest of any creature.  Amarta pondered how something hard shelled could give out the wooly hide her parents prized so much.  How could it be? 

     Amarta began to think that she should and could learn more about the creatures.  Maybe, she thought, I could learn to hunt and gather hide, bone and meat instead of becoming a crafter.  This was a revelation! Instead of listening to tales of adventure she could live such a life herself.  She approached the stranger and shyly asked if he needed an apprentice or if he knew of someone who did.  He looked at her in her soft robes and artisan pack and his eyes grew merry but he did not laugh.

     “I cannot take on an apprentice myself.  I am a Ranger who rarely stays in one place for long.  Also, my travels take me to places far too dangerous for someone obviously trained to be a crafter.  If you are serious about learning the art of hunting, you should begin by exploring the areas outside this city.  Examine all of the creatures you find, begin by hunting smaller animals.  As your skills increase, hunt larger creatures.  When you know the habits and resources to be gathered from all of the creatures on your home planet, travel to Corellia and find a Ranger to help guide you from there.”

     Amarta was thrilled by his words and frustrated.  Now that she had a vision of herself as a great huntress, she wanted to become one now.  She bowed to him and thanked him, then left the cantina.  Searching in her pack for some metals, she fashioned a small survival knife.  She headed out of the city, furiously thinking “trained to be a crafter” hmmpf!  I can be anything I want to be!  She stomped though the high grasses picturing herself taking down a Tortor, gathering large quantities of wooly hide and bringing it back to her astonished and grateful parents.  She didn’t hear the rustling of the grass nor did she see the long legs and sharp claws that raked at her.  The air was filled with high pitched shrieking from the giant Dalyrake that had brought her down.  Incapacitated, she lay on the ground bleeding and dazed as it moved a few meters away preparing for the next attack.  She had heard of these frightening creatures but had never strayed far enough from the city to encounter one.  Heart pounding, she carefully got up and ran as fast as she could towards home.  Errand running had made her a fast runner but terror made her stumble and feel like the slowest person in the world as she listened for the pounding of many legs in pursuit behind her.

     Drying her tears and patching up her wounds, her parents convinced her to learn scouting skills as a sideline but to concentrate on crafting.  They needed her, they said.

Wisely recognizing her restlessness, they began to send her on business trips to other parts of the galaxy.  Their thriving businesses helped keep Amarta occupied and she wandered the galaxy happily.  She tried various crafting skills out but could not be made to settle on any of them.  Whenever she could, she left the cities and explored the countryside, learning the ways of the animals as the Ranger had suggested.  She crafted her own weapons so she could secretly try out various fighting skills.

     One day, sipping Corellian Ale at a table in Coronet’s cantina she overheard some rough looking characters quietly discussing making a secret Ranger city.  The leader of the group was a woman who was earnestly discussing how and where to build this city.  In a moment very like the one years ago in the Nashal cantina, Amarta had happened upon real Rangers who might teach her the skills and lifestyle she still wanted more than anything.  She sat frozen in her chair, wondering how she could interrupt their private conversation, afraid they would suddenly disappear along with her chances of happiness and adventure.  Pushing her chair back and jumping up, she almost ran over to their table.  They all looked up in surprise and a few hands dropped to their waists for weapons instinctively. 

     Bowing, Amarta introduced herself and blurted out “I want to be a Ranger! Can you take me with you and teach me your skills? Can I join your city? Please!” 

     The leader, who introduced herself as Lasanie, was first to recover.  “We are looking for true Rangers for our city, it will not be a place that welcomes dabblers.  What are your skills?  You do not look like a Scout or Ranger to me.”  She said this kindly but Amarta blushed. 

     “I have been formally trained as an Artisan but my heart is that of a wanderer and hunter.  I have been waiting all my life to meet folk like you.  Give me a chance, I will learn as quickly as I can and prove myself useful.” 

     One of the men who were surrounded by a cloud of smoke said “I think we should give her a chance.  We need a certain number of citizens to start our city.  If things don’t work out we part company.  My name is Alain, Amarta.” He introduced himself, blowing a new cloud of smoke towards the man on his right.  Coughing, the man extended a hand to Amarta in greeting. 

     “Agreed, she has the desire to learn and we want to promote our profession.  It is a good time for you to have come upon our group, Amarta.  My name is Caen.  He scribbled a note on a small piece of paper.  “Here are directions to my shop The Ranger’s Repast.  Everything you will need to outfit yourself as a successful Scout is there. When you have what you need, communicate with us via the bartender over there” he said, pointing at a Trandoshan behind the bar. We look forward to hunting with you.” 

     Bouncing up and down like a child, then dancing in a circle, Amarta shouted “Whoo hoo!”  Hugging each surprised Ranger in turn she bowed deeply to each, then turned and ran out of the cantina heading south to The Ranger’s Repast and a new beginning.