Name Notebook

One of the nice things about a single player game is, you can pick any name you wish for your character and nobody already has it.

In the MMO world you really need to be creative.  I keep making little lists of names I use or might use then I can’t find the list when I go to make a new character in an online game.  Not good.

Once again I started a list but in a small notebook and when I got to Lord of the Rings Online I had to log into numerous servers (why they haven’t made it possible for you to change servers easily I can’t imagine).

I noted all the names used then went ahead and deleted the characters on all but two servers which I like best.  Might as well free those names and character space up for someone else.

The next thing I knew I was trotting my level 60 Hunter through Moria to complete an old quest.  I got “discovery” on a location I’d been in dozens of times before.  I was a bit sad that I didn’t know the place like the back of my hand anymore.

I’ve seen so many people write that they started having issues with the game at Moria and didn’t care for it after that.  I always loved Moria, and for me the game took a real downturn with Lothlorien which was a horrible disappointment.  It was nothing like Tolkien for me and the next area after it (which I can’t recall anymore, except to think it was goblin camp after goblin camp.)

I took a long uneventful walk along Durin’s Way, admiring the music.   After Galaxies, the music in Lord of the Rings Online was always the most beautiful.

Before setting out I had a devil of a time clearing my character’s inventory.  I tossed as much as I could that wouldn’t sell.  Then I made the mistake of opening some 6 and 7 year rewards boxes.  Doof.  Full again.

This character was stopped in her tracks because her quest giver wouldn’t talk to her to complete the quest.  Bah.

Backed down once more to my level 40 Loremaster in Angmar.  Forgot she was more than just a mage and didn’t bring out her bear for a couple of spider fights.  Oops.  Inventory issues (again) and a completed quest sent me back along the trail.  I forgot how nice the horses are in this game and that you can name them.

Couldn’t find the quest giver, can no longer understand the map to help find him.

Blah blah blah.