Character Armor Worksheet

So there you are, trying to equip your characters or guildies.  You need to look on Ye Armory to see what they’re wearing then look at what you can make to compare and see if you can improve it.  This tidy Word Table makes it easy peasy to jot down the current stats and compare.  Since there isn’t any real info here, I just included a picture so you can make yourself a nice copy.  Monkey see, monkey do and all that.



Character Armor Worksheet

Incomplete Armor Sets, Argh

One of the best ways to really learn a craft is to make a set of armor or whatever you can make for a specific character.  I’ve been looking over my guild mates and making them sets of armor, jewelry, foods, potions, scrolls, glyphs, sharpening stones, armor kits, the whole package to see what I can do to help them buff up their character, have more fun playing, be successful.

I’m running into all of these sets of armor that on purpose do not have all of the pieces.  Scummies!  I’m thinking are these guys lazy or something that they couldn’t design a whole set?  Are they trying to make your characters puny or something?  Trying to foil the completist in us?  Bah!  Whap whap.   Fel Iron Chain Armor: a four piece set!   Grrr….

Missing Anything Adventurer?

fel iron chain